it support company


Today’s companies must address the need for stability, performance and functionality across an ever-increasing range of legacy, hosted and proprietary systems – and to do so in a way that unlocks system potential without additional time efforts.
Today’s support challenges demand new models that are not based on resource numbers alone. Teams now need to have a deep understanding of the business and of the industry best practices. They also require a deeper level of integration with the Infrastructure, Development, and Testing teams. Support requirements at this level are as much about increasing productivity as they are about maintaining/improving the quality of services.

Third level support is provided by experienced and high-quality IRT pros, for instance, developers or system architects, who can resolve issues regarding software development and infrastructure. Their key responsibilities include:
  • responding and assistance to second level support officers;
  • managements of multiple software problems;
  • planning and realization of projects, focused on removal of software incompletes;
  • search of problem roots and reasons, ways to solve them and avoid in future;
  • implementation of tools and measures that can fix software defects;
Chudovo’s company eagerly offers the following solutions:
Application Assessment and Audit (Architecture, Design, Performance)
Application Support: Incident Investigation, Troubleshooting and Management
Application Maintenance: Problem Management and Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
Application Enhancement: Request for Change (RFC) Implementations
Application Performance Monitoring, Management and Tuning
Release and Deployment Management integrated with Application Systems Management, Development and QA services
Performance issues identification and fixes
Security issues identification and fixes
Preventive and Proactive Maintenance and Support