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Best React Component Libraries

Best React Component Libraries

React, the front-end JavaScript library was a hot trend in 2021 and continues to remain famous in 2021. It is by far the best choice to commence front-end development, especially when building maintainable and modular applications. The main role of React JavaScript library is to make it simple to create interactive user interfaces. Most large-scale companies today harness React component libraries in production. Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, BBC, and Postmates are some of the well-known examples of sites built with React libraries. The popularity of React among enterprises has a simple reason. It heads towards clean programming along with presenting fast performance. As React is a reason behind spellbound success in front-end development, here we have laid down the comprehensive guide to the best React component libraries.

What is React?

React is, without a doubt, a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces or UI components. Maintained by Facebook and a community of developers, it is an open-source, component-based library responsible for building robust component-centric applications. The main benefit of using this JavaScript library is that it entails minimal coding efforts. React was first developed by Jordan Walke, the software engineer at Facebook. From then, it is widely harnessed by developers for creating large web applications with simplicity and scalability. However, being lightweight, it only supports the UI components. This is the reason, it is mostly put into use in combination with other technologies and tools like Flux and Redux for heading towards a full-fledged architecture.

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Features Of React

Developers are besotted with the React library for its incredible features. Check out some of them for a better understanding.

  • Declarative UI

As already stated, React is a great option to create engaging user interfaces for websites and applications. The process is pretty simple for developers. They design simple views for application, and React, in return, update and render the apt components after the change in data. It is the presence of declarative views in React library that developers find it more predictable to create and test code for bugs.

  • React Native

React Native, a customer renderer for ReactJS used native components instead of web components. It is a mobile app building framework, using which developers can have access to React architecture to develop native applications for Android, iOS, and UPD. However, it is required to have a detailed understanding of ReactJS in order to get familiar with React Native.

  • One-Way Data Flow

React uses one-way data flow. This means it is not possible for developers to edit components directly. The use of a callback function is necessary to make the changes. The detailed process is known as ‘properties flow down; action flows up.’

  • Virtual DOM

Virtual DOM enables fast and flexible development of applications. It is a memory reuniting algorithm that helps a programmer to replicate a web page in virtual memory. The feature re-render the entire UI with every modification in the web application.

  • Component-Based Architecture

React libraries possess a component-based architecture, which means an application is divided into various components. In this way, developers can pass the data all over in the application without having any impact on DOM.

Introduction to Functional Components in React

Before we head to the concept of function components in React, let’s throw light on what is component in React. Components are fundamental blocks of React library. They are independent and reusable code blocks that divide User Interfaces into smaller pieces. React components are mainly of two types – functional and class. React Functional Components – They are simple JavaScript/ES6 functions that return a React element (JSX) and take props as a parameter if necessary. It is after the enunciation of React Hooks, a functional component of React is used on a standardized basis to write React components in robust applications.

What Is A React Component Library?

React components are meant to be a combination of HTML template, User Interactivity using JS, and applying styles using CSS. The fact that React components disperse UI into dependable pieces, makes React component library fit for commencing simple and scalable web application development. React Component library can be defined as the collection of components organized in a well-formed way. Developers can browse and preview those components and related assets.

There are various reasons behind the surge in demand for React component libraries among developers. These include ready-to-use components, components providing solutions for responsive layouts, the ability to collaborate effectively, consistency, customization, and flexibility. By putting React component libraries into use, developers can enjoy speed in delivery.

Developers can also make a React component library if they do not use the established React library. To make a React component library manually, it is essential to get involved in the coding of components, writing tests for components, maintaining a central component library, and updating/maintaining all of these whenever there is a need to update any component. However, in case, executors have decided to opt for the established React component library, they have to squint at the number of factors for making the right choice.

  • React Component Library should be extensive;
  • React Component Library should have sufficient followers on GitHub;
  • React Component Library should be easily themed;
  • React Component Library should not confine the UI design guides.

So, before heading to the conclusion that which is the best React component library, let’s discuss the top 10 React libraries.

What are the Top React Component Libraries?

The choice of React Component libraries can make or break the development project. It is why we have compiled the 10 best React component libraries that are already popular to bring into use.

React Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a well-known HTML, CSS, and React JavaScript library that fosters the process of mobile and web application development with its UI creation elements. Initially, Bootstrap was only regarded as a JavaScript library. Nevertheless, as of now, it is completely revamped as one of the best React JavaScript libraries. Each component has been created from scratch as a well-formed React component.

React Bootstrap Components

React Bootstrap has less than 30 components. Due to the short component library, React Bootstrap does not offer the desired component coverage as in the case of other React JavaScript libraries.


The specific use of React Bootstrap can minimize the amount of code that a developer needs to send to the client. This is because, in comparison to the usage of the entire component library, React Bootstrap as an individual component can help to draw better attention to the development.

Material UI React

Material UI is a general-purpose customizable React Component library that aims at building robust and dynamic React applications. It is known as an adaptable system of components and guidelines. This head towards the development of beautiful yet straightforward. Material UI is one of the best React JavaScript libraries for the fact that it contains all the elements essential for creating a phenomenal digital experience. With over 67.8k stars and 27.1k forks on GitHub, this React component library is a preferred choice among developers.

Material UI Components

Material UI offers a broad range of React components options. Developers can find comprehensive guides, tips, and tricks, and do’s and don’ts for each type of component. In this way, developers can easily develop mobile or web applications with attractive User Interfaces even with the lack of experience in it.


The usage of Material UI is quite simple. There is no need for an additional setup. No alternation of pollution of global scope results with the usage of Material UI. Customizable buttons and options like Disabled Elevation make the process simpler.

Ant Design

Ant Design, also referred to as AntD, is the second most popular React JavaScript library in the world. It is widely used as a design system for enterprise-level products and services. The significant aim behind the preference of AntD is the creation of effective work experience. AntD is said to be unique in comparison to other React JavaScript libraries because of its designed philosophy. It is based on the four values – Natural, Certain, Meaningful, and Growing.

Ant Design Components

AntD offers more than 60 high-quality React components, including layout, navigation, data entry, and more. Most of them represent their design ethos and are well-planned out. Developers can also use third-party React components such as React JSON view and React Hooks Library.


AntD features a supportive community. Developers can have access to various learning sources for using AntD components in making the UI creative, interactive, and efficient. It also supports community communication.


If developers are looking for a React JavaScript library that offers a vibrant feel in contrast to others, Grommet is the best choice. It is meant to present various benefits in the form of accessibility, modularity, and responsiveness. Grommet is lightweight and easy to use by developers.

Grommet Components

Grommet, one of the creative React libraries, offers a wide range of React components. These are categorized as Layouts, Types, Color, Controls, Input, Visualization, Media, and Utilities.


To use Grommet, it is foremost to install the Grommet package with the help of NPM or Yarn. It will improve the experience of developers by enabling the development of React applications faster.

React Virtualized

React Virtualized is one of the most unique React JavaScript libraries. It focuses on only specific factors of UI. The main role of React Virtualized is to help developers render large quantities of data. Developers mostly use it to create user-friendly tables.

React Virtualized Components

The React components of React Virtualized library help to render data. Some of them are grids, lists, tables, collections, and more.


React Virtualized has a sequence of instructions regarding its setup. Developers need data to work with this library, thus need to set a feature using faker.

Semantic UI React

Like Bootstrap, Semantic UI React Component Library is customizable and is best for a solid web development framework, called Semantic UI. Using Semantic-friendly codes, programmers can create beautiful layouts without extra effort.

Semantic UI Components

Semantic UI Library contains more than 50 React components. These are grouped as Elements, Collections, Views, Modules, Behaviors, and Add-ons. It offers Semantic themes as CSS stylesheets.


To use the Semantic UI React library, developers can install React Components using Yarn or NPM.


Blueprint is an open-source React UI kit. It is designed for desktop applications for building complex data-dense interfaces. Blueprint counts 12.2k stars and 3.6k forks on GitHub.

Blueprint Components

Blueprint consists of core React components starting from buttons to tooltips and trees. Additionally, it also offers separate component libraries, including Datetime components, Select components, table components, Timezone components, and Icon components.


With the support of yarn, developers can add Blueprint React components for optimizing desktop applications for data-dense interfaces.

Chakra UI

Chakra UI is one of the easiest React Component libraries to bring into use. With the help of props, Chakra UI can help developers commence component styling with convenience. It is because of the extensive customization feature that the library counts more than 13k stars on GitHub.

Chakra UI Components

Chakra UI features a range of default styles and modular styles components. Based on the properties and state, the size of its React components can be altered.


Chakra Ui can be used by installing it inside the React Project Library.


Retool is a React platform for developing internal applications. It also enables a developer or enterprise to deploy applications as cloud-hosted solutions. It comes up with in-built permission, security, and reliability.

Retool Components

Retool contains more than 50 components. Developers can also access custom components in case there is a need for loading other interfaces into applications.


The use of Retool React Component Library can help to assemble applications within 30 seconds. It is essential to connect with the data source (REST, GraphQL, or gRPC API).

React 360

In the modern era of software development, React 360 helps to create VR and 360 experiences using React. Considered as one of the best React Component libraries, it simplifies the process of developing VR and 3D User Interfaces.

React 360 Components

React 360 offers several components for creating a 3D experience. The four out-of-the-box React 360 components are View, Text, Entity, and VrButton.


Before installing React 360, it is important to install NodeJS in the system.

Which is The Best React Component Library in 2021?

There is a long list of React Component Libraries for developing top-notch UI for both mobile and web applications. Other than the top 10 mentioned above, there are endless libraries, including Evergreen, React Toolbox, Onsen UI, React Suite, React Spinner, and more.But when it comes to choosing the best React Component library in 2021, Ant Design mounts to the top position. Not only is it popular but also facilitates the development of enterprise-level products. Here are some reasons that make AntD – the best React Component library out of all.

  • It consists of a broad range of React Components;
  • It provides a polished look and feels;
  • It is easy to integrate;
  • It is supported by ES6;
  • It is beautiful and solid;
  • Its components are beautifully animated.

Using the state-of-the-art React Components of AntD, developers build elegant User Interfaces for mobile and web applications.

The Bottom Line

React Component Libraries enable developers to build web applications with extra speed and convenience. As the top mentioned React JavaScript libraries feature some incredible components, the goal of creating an attractive experience for users is no longer strenuous. All you have to do is make the right choice, depending on your business needs.

In case of any doubt regarding the choice, usage, and functioning of the powerful React Component Library, reach out to us anytime. Being your leading software solutions, we can help you accomplish your objective of creating attractive UI with flying colors.

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