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Our Web Development Approach

At Chudovo, we create your web project from scratch in a personalized way for any business type in line with your enterprise objectives and corporate image. Regardless of what web project you need, we would create a project with flawless user navigation that fulfills the desired purpose: inform, sell online, interact with the user, etc.

Creating custom-tailor solutions to fit your business requirements, we use the best available languages and technologies.

Chudovo web development company

In Chudovo, we provide our customers with top-notch web app development services so you can comfortably work with your web project, conveying a dignified professional image by granting users effortless and intuitive navigation. We always work in an adapted way to the new data protection laws, the latest technologies, and usability canons to create user-friendly digital products. Trust web development professionals who are always here to provide you with advice and suggestions so that both you and your clients are delighted with your web project.

The web development partner who shares your vision
Goal-oriented cooperation
When we select the team for your project, our goal is to save you time and resources so that you can dedicate yourself to your prime line of business. Chudovo, being your strategic and technology partner in web development, can let you thoroughly focus on your other business goals knowing that the workflow would be productive and the project iterations–fast.
With Chudovo’s custom web programming, we can scale and modify the functions of your web application with no limits so your business and web application can grow with synchronicity. The web products developed by our company would grow together with your business, adapting to its future needs and brand image changes.
Agility in our approach
To ensure the solution's timely launch, we use the agile methodology. As a part of it, we are dividing the process into sprints and communicating progress to provide transparent results for each client’s priority.
Our web development process
Our web development process
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Our web development services
The goal of Chudovo is to turn your ideas into top-grade web solutions, exceeding even the highest expectations. Our web developers’ primary concern is pushing the growth of your business to the maximal limits, and we always customize the software development process to the individual needs of your company.
E-commerce Web Development

With our immense portfolio of innovative e-commerce projects, we will advise you on the best options to increase web positioning and user experience. We will shape the needs of your business into a functional multi-featured e-commerce solution that will boost the productivity of your business.

The team of Chudovo has expertise in multi-vendor marketplaces, e-payment methods, b2b and b2c webshops, and mobile commerce. Thus, we perfectly know how to choose the right platform for the needs of your business.

Custom Web App Development
With our 100% customized and outsourced web development, the applications will be the ones that adapt to your business and not the other way around. Every function, every screen, and the click you make will be designed to fit your work. The range of developed solutions varies from simple, yet functional web applications to elaborate and efficient enterprise solutions.
Web Portal Development
Creating interactive web portals for our customers, we strive to streamline your processes, flawlessly integrate the operations lines, and design the final product tailored to your business strategy, brand identity and strategy, revenue models, and target clients. We offer our expertise to help businesses of all sizes to develop partner and client portals, as well as the company intranets and portals for the employees and the distributors. Our experience allows us to create these custom web portals making them innovative, effective, and interactive for the customers, which, in turn, sky-rockets your revenue.
Web System Development

Chudovo covers all your web system development needs, from ERP and digital assets management to CRM and CMS custom systems.

We could be your strategic ally since we develop our Web systems based on current quality standards, ensuring optimal performance and greater scalability. Existing Open-source web platforms rarely meet all expectations in terms of presentation and functionality, and their scalability is limited by updates and third-party plugins.

The custom development that we offer is the ideal choice for companies and entrepreneurs who do not want to set up their businesses with these limitations.

Website Development
The team of Chudovo designs and develops web pages, adapting your ideas and needs to become successful website strategies. We provide a countless number of website development services to companies and organizations. The range of proposals varies from the planning and design of your website to its creation and maintenance. We know how to make the user pay maximum attention to your content, simultaneously boosting your sales. Using aesthetic and compelling concepts, we are here to advance your business and ensure its competitiveness via an engaging and exemplary website available across all devices on different screen sizes.
Landing page development services

We create the perfect landing pages that convert interested visitors to loyal customers. Therefore, we study your needs, objectives, target audience, keywords, corporate image, etc., and create a unique landing page to boost your sales, online or offline.

The Chudovo team perfectly understands the ultimate business goals of the returning customers, thus, developing a landing page is about designing your message for the client in understandable means.

We create a landing page considering current market trends, the specifics of your niche, and individual wishes at an affordable price, advising and supporting you at every stage of development. Ordering a landing page from us means getting an effective tool with which your business will meet your ambitions.

Why Choose Chudovo Web Development Services

In each of our services, Chudovo always offers the best tools, applications, and attention, guaranteeing the best investment for our clients. The list of our clients includes businesses of different scales, corporations, and individuals.

Our team offers solutions and alternatives only with the best cost/benefit ratio, guaranteeing that our services would be your best investment.

Putting the most innovative tools and technologies of the latest generation at the client’s disposal, and constantly innovating our services, we assure your satisfaction.

Domain Expertise
We can see through the chief industries since our team has a deep knowledge of trends shaping the industry. Years of experience with various technologies and extensive domain expertise help us deliver outstanding results while keeping the budget frames and time limits. A wide variety of business domains could get a full range of custom web solutions tailored to your business-specific requirements.
The years of successful custom software development experience give us the confidence that the highest quality customized software would be delivered speedily within the agreed terms. An experience of over 16 years in web development allows keeping the perfect ratio of short development time while keeping up the high-quality standards.
Experienced Team
16 years of experience building web products set the Chudovo team apart from other market participants. We stand at the forefront of the industry, having expertise in each domain. Our team members are a fusion of highly motivated, skilled, and loyal individuals. At Chudovo, we carry out all kinds of digital projects with different platforms and technologies, combining them to overcome all frontiers towards the development of the idea. Our projects succeed thanks to the union between creativity and extensive digitalization experience.
Why use custom web development?
Every business is unique, as well as the offered services. Companies prefer custom web development since they: · Provide the ultimate user experience · Get the needed scalability · Meet the high level of security standards · Allow customizing the processes · Are easily optimizable Hence, custom web development can help open a new door for the digital promotion of your business, being the most effective in the long run. A digital product tailored to the specific needs of your business will ensure that the message you want to convey through your online presence will reach your client, pulling precisely the right strings of their souls.
What is the best platform to develop web applications?
There's no universal answer to this question since each platform has its perks. The list of the best platforms for web development comprises: React.js ASP. NET AngularJS Node.js PHP
How much does custom web development cost?
The price range usually revolves around various factors that include the functionality and features, the UI/UX design, and the overall complexity of the task.
How lengthy is building a web application?
The web development process comes in different stages, and each of them could be performed within a different development time. So, an answer to this question would be classical–the time of the application's final launch could vary from weeks to months. Building software at Chudovo, we apply the Agile Scrum methodology, splitting the software development phases into 2-3 weeks sprints that lead to full transparency and your satisfaction as a client thanks to quicker deployment.
Does Chudovo have experience in building industry-specific web applications?
The expertise of our web application development team members varies from social media to logistics blockchain and healthcare, covering pretty much every industry type. It would be easier to say what very few programming elements we haven't worked with.
Applied Tech Stack
The Tech stack used in our company includes: Python, React Native, React, CSS, Swift, .NET, Java, PHP, JS, Angular, Kotlin, HTML. The CMS applied by us are Drupal, Magento, WordPress, Joomla.