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Chudovo is an Android app development company that makes it easy for you to develop high-performance, feature-rich, and user-friendly Android applications that provide value to your users.

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Examples of Android Applications We Can Deliver Across Different Industries

See the application types as an example that the mobile development teams implement.
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Retail Industry
  • Barcode scanner app
  • Point-of-Sale app (POS)
  • Price comparison app
  • Inventory management app
  • Loyalty program app
  • Mobile payment app
  • Virtual fitting room app
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Healthcare Industry
  • Telemedicine App
  • Symptom diary app
  • Pharmacy Apps
  • Mental health support app
  • Period and pregnancy tracker app
  • Remote patient monitoring app
  • Medication reminder app
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Education Industry
  • E-Learning platform
  • Online tutoring platform
  • Educational games app
  • Language learning app
  • Note-taking app
  • Study planner app
  • Interactive textbook app
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Finance Industry
  • Mobile banking app
  • Expense tracker app
  • Stock trading app
  • Loan calculator app
  • Cryptocurrency wallet app
  • Budgeting app
  • Investment portfolio app
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Entertainment Industry
  • Media streaming app
  • Gaming platform app
  • Social media app
  • Music and podcast streaming app
  • Booking and ticketing app
  • Custom camera app
  • Video and photo editing app
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Hospitality and Tourism Industry
  • Travel guide app
  • Booking & rental apps
  • Taxi apps
  • Weather forecast app
  • Language translation app
  • Navigation and maps app
  • Restaurant discovery app
  • Reviews app
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Transportation and Logistics Industry
  • Ride-hailing app
  • Delivery tracking app
  • Fleet management app
  • Route optimization app
  • Carpooling app
  • Navigation app
  • Tracking and dispatch app
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Real Estate Industry
  • Property listing app
  • Mortgage calculator app
  • Interior design app
  • Virtual home tours app
  • Real estate agent finder
  • Property inspection app
  • Property rentals app

Our Android Mobile App Development Process

Development Costs of Android Mobile Solutions

The example price range for Android application development is as follows:

20,000$ - 50,000$: for Android applications with basic features and minimal complexity. Examples include simple games with limited features, static content applications, and basic calculators.

80,000$ - 100,000$: for moderate complexity Android applications with a broader range of features. Examples include productivity tools, complex e-commerce platforms, and social networking applications.

160,000$+: for complex Android applications with intricate UI/UX requirements. Examples include enterprise-level Android applications, on-demand service platforms, and mobile games with advanced graphics and gameplay.

The cost of professional Android application development services typically varies and is majorly determined by the complexity and features required in the application, required integrations with third-party APIs and services, and the needed support and maintenance services. The final price of the Android mobile app development services is determined by the specific customer case and solution requirements.

Selected Android Solutions Implemented by Mobile Development Teams

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Cross-Platform Development of Symptom Diary App

The mobile development team worked on the implementation of a cross-platform healthcare application for Android and iOS devices from scratch. Our client, a German healthcare startup wanted to develop a mobile app that enables patients to keep track of their disease symptoms and communicate with their doctors. On the other hand, doctors using the application could easily monitor the patients, symptoms, and course of the disease over time. The Xamarin application had a separate version for patients and doctors. The developed solution had features such as user profile management, symptom logging, data export and sharing, push notifications, communication module, data analysis, and reporting.

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Team Augmentation for Tourism App Development

Our client, a Swiss company in the travel and tourism area had an existing mobile travel application, available for Android and iOS. The application began to gain popularity and the customer decided to strengthen his in-house team to boost the delivery of the new functionality. Chudovo provided the company with a senior React Native developer to work on the application. This way, the company could hire quickly and onboard an experienced app developer to work on the tourism application. React Native developer updated the existing application to use the latest React Native release, replaced the existing database with a more efficient one to improve performance, and added new features to the travel application. Additionally, he fixed discovered bugs in each development sprint and resolved technical issues.

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Diabetes App Maintenance and Support

Diabetes treatment and management is a complex process and Chudovo developers were involved in the further development and maintenance of the diabetes app. The mobile application is written on Xamarin and is available for iOS and Android devices. The application has features that allow the monitoring and controlling of sugar levels and an intuitive blood glucose calculator with built-in insulin injection functionality. So, the mhealth app is synced with the insulin pump. Data transfer between the medical device and the app proceeds via BTE. The app imports glucose values from health monitoring devices and suggests bolus sizes. Additionally, the application collects data, stores it, analyzes it, and presents useful statistics to support diabetes therapy for patients.

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Event Countdown App

A German startup had an iOS event countdown app. The app allowed users to create public and private countdowns to special moments and events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and music releases among others. The startup’s customer base was growing, and more users were using their app. To further fuel their growth, the startup decided to build an Android version of their existing iOS application. Because of our portfolio, positive reviews, and high customer satisfaction rates, the company decided to outsource Android app development to Chudovo. Our team delivered an Android application that had a consistent user interface and user experience with the iOS application. The Android application also had all the features of the iOS application, including event creation, invitation sending, visual timers, event popularity monitoring, and in-app messaging and comments

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Team Augmentation for Entertainment App Development

A European-based technology company that produces entertainment applications for tablet and mobile devices wanted to hire Android developers to augment their in-house development team. The company faced an increase in demand which required them to release more features faster and reduce the development time of the applications they were working on. Chudovo came in as a reliable partner who made it easy to hire and manage qualified Android app developer to work with the company’s existing team. We gave the company access to our network of Android application developers, handled the screening and hiring process, and provided the company with Android developer with the right set of skills and experience for the job. The hired Android developer implemented new functionalities in existing Android applications, optimized mobile applications, fixed bugs, and provided support and maintenance services for existing applications.

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Features Our Android Application Developers can Deliver

In-app messaging
In-app purchases
Integration with third-party APIs and services
Offline mode support
Multi-language support
Push notifications
Location-based services
Search functionality
Customizable user profiles
User authentication and security measures
Ratings and reviews
Augmented reality features
Social media integration
Data transfer via Bluetooth
Calendar integration
Chatbot integration
Wearable device integration
Data synchronization
Voice recognition and commands


How to hire Android app developers from Chudovo? Answer
Fill in the contact form and our consultants will connect with you asap. They will be responsible for the communication and managing all processes related to the Android apps developers hiring. Our consultants will offer the best suitable options of cooperation, based on the needs of your business and tasks to be achieved.
Can Chudovo assist in publishing Android applications on the Google Play Store? Answer
Yes. Chudovo can help publish Android applications on popular app stores such as Google Play Store, Samsung Galaxy Store, Huawei AppGallery, Aptoide, F-Droid, and Amazon Appstore for Android.
Can we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before starting a project? Answer
NDA is the document that ensures the protection of confidential information. Before starting the communication about the Android app development project, we are ready to sign the NDA with the customer. NDA templates can be provided by the customer or by us.
What factors to consider by selection of an Android mobile app development company? Answer

Selecting a reliable and competent provider of custom Android app development services is important in ensuring that you work with a partner who can deliver quality applications that meet your specific needs. To select the right development partner, consider the following:

  • Portfolio and Experience: To assess the quality of work and experience in Android development, evaluate a company’s portfolio to get a sense of what it can deliver. Better still, find out if they’ve built apps similar to what you have in mind and evaluate their functionality and quality.
  • Cost and budget: Ultimately, the cost of development and your budget plays a big role in determining who you work with. Pick a development company whose development costs are within your budget.
  • Expertise and Skills: The right development company should have expertise and skills in Android development. To find out if a company has the technical capabilities to deliver an Android application, look at the projects they’ve built, client testimonials, reviews, or better still, inquire about their development team’s composition.
  • Support and Maintenance: Find out whether a company offers post-launch support and maintenance services to help you get the most out of your application. Such services include support in using the application, publishing an application on the Google Play Store, and regular updates and enhancements of your application. Ideally, you only want to work with a company that offers these support services.
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