E-Commerce Platform
E-Commerce Platform

E-Commerce Platform

Project Facts
Technologies: Magento, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL
Project Duration: 100 Man-days

Business Challenge

The customer owns the Magento marketplace for selling different parts of technic and coveralls. On the one hand, the platform is quite popular and has stable quarterly profits. On the other hand, the Magento store has been online for several years and of course, over time some changes to the web application are needed. Therefore the client set 2 main goals for the cooperation on the e-commerce project:

  • UI/UX enhancements and design changes to make the service more modern and attractive for current and potential customers
  • Increasing the efficiency and performance of the site by reworking some parts of the system

Expanding the service, attracting customers, and creating optimal conditions for shopping are key points. The e-commerce platform is the basis of business, which is why the client concentrates his efforts on it.


Magento development started its work on the project in the shortest term. The highest priority task for the software engineers was performance optimization and increasing the productivity of the Magento store. On the way to e-commerce platform modification, the team executed three steps:

  • Old code investigation to understand the logic of the existing software. This is an important stage, where the engineering team explored the source code to understand how the system works in general as well as to identify parts of the app that have to be modified.
  • Modifying the existing software. This is a responsible part of the job. At this stage, certain parts of the code were rewritten and modified to improve the performance of the service.
  • Revalidating the modified software. At this stage, the entire store was tested to verify the following: a) Performance optimization was successful. b) Modifications in the code did not cause side bugs c) The e-commerce platform works properly.

In addition, the services of the software development team included Magento consulting. The team gathered recommendations regarding potential parts of the system that could be improved and regarding SEO optimization.

The next and no less important task – is e-commerce platform redesign and UI/UI enhancements. The design team offered the new concept of the customer’s existing Magento store. This design helps to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Increase influence on consumer’s shopping patterns. Online shop design significantly affects the shopping behavior of the consumer. The longer the person spends the time in the shop, the higher the probability of making a purchase. The new version of the design combines modernity, convenience, efficiency, and attractiveness for buyers.
  • Optimize available shopping space of the e-commerce platform. Shopping space optimization helps to optimize the online store as a whole and contributes to the rational arrangement of functional elements & shopping items.
  • Create a positive Magento store atmosphere. The new version of the design has a pleasant color scheme and helps to win customers from the first interaction with the e-commerce platform.

After design approval by the customer Magento e-commerce development team updated the store according to the new concept.

The final e-commerce platform provided:

  • Easy navigation through the web application
  • Easy editing of the items’ information
  • Reliable reporting system

Business Impact

The cooperation between companies quickly showed fruitful results. Among all, the following should be noted:

  • Buyers warmly welcomed the design change. The number of orders was increased. The service began to show such results sometime after the introduction of the new design on production.
  •  The e-commerce platform performance was increased. This contributed to the development of the site and raising its positions in search services. Besides, there were also improvements in the use of the store for buyers.

Magento development services

Our development teams provide professional services for the companies, enabling them to cover their needs in the following:

  • Magento development and customization
  • Magento consulting
  • Magento migration
  • Magento integration services
  • Magento support & maintenance services

Let’s talk about possible cooperation!

E-Commerce Platform
Project Facts
Technologies: Magento, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL
Project Duration: 100 Man-days
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