Barcode Scanning App



eCommerce development of barcode scanning application

Technologies used

Native iOS, native Android, Cybersource, Magento


The Customer is an owner of the american business for selling printers and other technical equipment. He already has an e-commerce Magento platform, where users can buy products online. Some people prefer to make orders sitting at home and other people give preference to a personal visit to the shop. Hence, the Customer decided to simplify the process of purchasing printers for those clients, who attend his stores physically. The main goal is development of the software that will give an overview about the goods and will reduce personal interaction with the consultants. For this reason the Customer requested the realisation of the mobile application for shop visitors. The barcode scanning app had to be available for the installation on mobile devices and tablets and should be functional on iOS and Android. In general Software development process took 1,5 months. Chudovo development team connected the implemented part to an existing backend that utilizes XML.

The app has an option of scanning barcodes as well as QR codes of the products. Scanning of information is performed in real-time using the iOS or Android camera. After acquiring an image, the software starts the decoding process. As a result the application recognizes a product and puts it into the shopping cart for sale. On this step the user may either continue shopping and adding other products into the basket or proceed to the checkout process. By clicking on the product mobile application shows all technical information and printer characteristics. Software developers added a functionality of favorites list. So the visitor can save a product as his favorite and buy it later. In addition to the described features, the user is able to adjust the quantity of the items for purchasing or remove the products from the shopping cart. By changing the quantity field the pricing overview is adjusted accordingly.

Checkout functionality is foreseen for quick purchases. On the one hand, users can scan the barcode or QR code and review the technical characteristics of the product. On the other hand, they can pay for it online asap and take the purchased printer. Cybersource is a credit card payment system and it is often integrated in e-commerce projects. Implemented mobile application uses Cybersource for the payments. All transactions and operations are handled on the Magento server according to the requirements. Chudovo as engineering company has provided the mobile application with all requested functionality and at the agreed terms.

Surely, software development in the e-commerce area requires expertise, deep technical knowledge and related experience in this field. It is always a challenge for the Customer to choose the partner, who will assist him in realisation of web and mobile projects. Software development company Chudovo has an expertise in e-commerce solutions and can become your reliable partner in realisation of the applications.