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How to Hire A Good .Net Developer

How To Find and Hire A Good .NET Developer: Step-By-Step Guide

Table of contents

  1. Why are .NET developers in demand?
  2. What are the skills required for a .NET developer?
  3. What is important to know for hiring .NET Developers?
  4. Where to Find Certificated .NET Developers?
  5. How to Hire A Good .NET Developer
  6. Most Common Mistakes while hiring a .NET developer

.NET has emerged as one of the most popular development platforms in recent times. And rightly so! The inherent versatility, ease of use, and multi-functional nature of .NET make it an ideal solution for most kinds of software and web projects. But there’s a catch! You need expert, experienced .NET developers to make the best of what .NET has to offer, and such professionals are not easy to find. Clearly, while it would be a wise business decision to go with .NET as a preferred development platform for your next project, it is important to hire dedicated NET developer (or a team) for the task. In this article, we tell you about the A to Z of how to hire a .NET developer. So, let’s get started.

Why are .NET developers in demand?

.NET Developers is one pool of programmers who have been high in demand for the longest period of time and will continue to be sought after by businesses and organizations in the future as well. The reason is simple – .NET programmers have the capability of using any supported programming language to write programs and create virtually any kind of software product, be it front end, back end, mobile apps, or web-based applications. In other words, .NET programmers are sought after for most kinds of projects and therefore every .NET development company wants to hire .NET developer who’s good. . This, in fact, only retreated the importance of why you need to hire NET developer who is highly skilled and capable for your project.

What are the skills required for a .NET developer?

As you set out to discover how to hire a .NET developer, you should be aware of the skills required for a .NET developer.

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Technical Skills

Technical expertise is a .NET hire’s best response to the question – why should we hire you for a .NET developer position? Broadly, a good and reliable .NET developer for hire should have in-depth knowledge of the following four technical areas,


.NET in itself is a vast and expansive platform that has evolved and become increasingly sophisticated over the years. Therefore, it is of primary importance for a perspective .NET developer hire to be thoroughly well-versed with the nitty-gritty of the platform itself, before you look for anything any further. It is good to expect at least some hands-on experience with the .NET and a certain degree of comfort playing around with it. Believe us, it comes really handy when one has to troubleshoot the problems that one encounters along the development lifecycle.


ASP.NET can be understood as an arm of the larger .NET platform which is used to develop stunning and high-performance web applications. Chances are that your project would require you to have a robust client-facing front end in the form of a web app. And having a .NET developer who is proficient with ASP.NET MVC will serve the purpose well. While knowledge of ASP.NET is fundamental to a good .NET developer, you can make it a point to check and ensure during the hiring process that you hire a developer who has got a knack for it!

SQL & Databases

In-depth knowledge of SQL and database management is yet another fundamental yet highly sought-after skill that a good .NET developer for hire must possess. It is a matter of fact that databases such as Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and Oracle are used day in and day out in software development using .NET. Therefore, it is expected of a good .NET developer that he/she would have the required knowledge of these databases, and be comfortable playing around with them as and when required during the development process.

Full-stack development

A thing about .NET is that it can be used in amalgamation with a string of other technologies, frameworks, and platforms. This flexible and inclusive nature of .NET requires the .NET developers to have at least the basic knowledge of multiple technologies – just enough for them to be called ‘full-stack’ developers. For example, if the .NET developer, along with the core knowledge of .NET platform and databases, also has skills in CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and JQuery, etc, he/she will make for a much more dynamic and worthy .NET developer.

Soft Skills

While the above-mentioned technical skills constitute the basic minimum requirements to hire .NET developer offshore, they are just not enough! Today’s fast-paced business environment and the rate of technological innovation make it paramount for .NET developers to possess certain critical soft skills, in order to succeed. These skills may include:

  • Quick learning ability to rapidly learn and unlearn the changes in tools, techniques, and platforms that keep emerging within .NET every now and then.
  • Creative and out-of-the-box thinking to come up with innovative solutions to complex business problems leading to unique and groundbreaking software products.
  • Business acumen to be able to fully understand and comprehend the business requirements and align the software with them.
  • Teamwork as well as leadership skills to be able to work in and lead large .NET software development teams that are involved in a typical project.


One good way for the .NET developers to upgrade and streamline their skills and for the hiring managers to ascertain that as they hire a developer – is the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certification. It is a popular and much-in-demand certification that comes with the trust of Microsoft. In fact, it can be a developer’s answer to the question – why should we hire you for a .NET developer position? MCSD certification needs to be upgraded every two years in order to ensure that the .NET developer for hire is up to the mark with the latest developments in the .NET platform. No doubt, possessing this certification is quite a testimony of the skill and expertise of a .NET developer for hire, and hence, also a good criterion for a .NET development company to hire .NET developer offshore.

What is important to know for hiring .NET Developers?

Now that we have discussed what skills a good .NET developer for hire must possess, let’s take you a step closer to the fundamental quest of discovering how to hire a .NET developer.
What exactly do you need to know to be able to have a good hire? Here’s a checklist for you,

Know what is .NET

It’s always advisable to know what you are getting yourself into, and the same holds true for .NET hiring as well. As someone who is looking to hire NET developer, you can’t escape having at least a basic understanding of the platform. Believe us, it is a prerequisite for making a good hire. So take the plunge, go out, and discover the.NET before you even start with the hiring process.

Know Your Requirements Well

While you acquire a basic understanding of the platform, you also need to have a clear idea of what exactly you are expecting from the platform and the hiring exercise. Try finding answers to questions like,

  • What .NET technology is going to be used most often in the project?
  • What skills of the developer are critical for the success of the project?
  • What duration will the project last for?
  • Do I need to hire a developer of a team of developers?
  • What kind of in-house training would the individual or team require?
  • What kind of reporting hierarchy do I plan to follow?

Write a Job Description & Job Specifications

Knowing your requirements and expectations is one thing, and writing them down for the prospective hires to know is another. It is always recommended to develop a job description and write job specifications in order to bring efficiency to the hiring process. So before you ask your candidate – why should we hire you for a .NET developer position, it is important to get your homework done! Believe us, it will drastically enhance your chances of making a good hire, while also saving a lot of time and effort!

Discover Sources to Hire

The most important link in the puzzle of how to hire a .NET developer is to be able to find the right sources to have candidates for the job role. There are plenty of sources, with no dearth of candidates, and it’s easy to get lost! Therefore, it is extremely important to explore all sources, and identify the most suitable ones for yourself, as you set out to hire a developer! We discuss more on this in the next section.

Where to Find Certificated .NET Developers?

There are multiple ways to find and hire developer, and the choice of the path you wish to follow for the .NET hiring has to be made considering several factors, including the ones we discussed in the previous section. Once you are thorough with what exactly you want, there are 3 broad paths you can follow.

Community & Freelancing Platforms

There exist a plethora of digital platforms, of different nature and forms, which can act as the potential source for your next .NET developer hire. Most of these platforms are places where bussing programmers come and showcase their skills, and you can tap them in for a role at your firm. There exist many, but here we have mentioned a couple of such popular platforms.

  • Stack Overflow – a question and answer website with all IT and programming-related things, with a vibrant and active community of developers. The platform allows the programmers to post their resumes and highlight their skills, while the recruiters can also post job openings or reach out to potential candidates through the website’s job market database.
  • GitHub – yet another popular programming platform with as many as 28 million users sharing their programming skills. With a minimal fee, you can create job postings on the platform, and discover all kinds of .NET developers ranging from beginners to mid-level and senior .NET professionals.

Apart from online programming community platforms, there are many freelancing websites like Freelancer and Upwork where many good programmers can be found for freelancing projects, at competitive pay rates. This kind of sourcing is recommended only if you are looking to hire developer for a short-term project or a specific task at hand.

Employment Websites

The second hiring path you can follow to .NET developer hire is via online employment websites and job boards. Examples of such sites include Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, and SimplyHired. These websites will make it convenient for you to filter out the candidates based on your specific requirements, out of the hundreds and thousands of prospective hires who signup on their platform.

Professional Hiring Services

While the other two paths may or may not work for you, one of the best and sure-shot ways to find and hire developer who’s good enough is to take the help of a Professional Hiring Service. Such a service will not only save a lot of your time and effort but will also offer almost a 100% chance that you hire a developer who’s the right hire. In fact, Chudovo is an example of one such service, where we offer you high-quality well-trained .NET professionals with a tap of your fingertip.

How to Hire A Good .NET Developer

Feeling overwhelmed by the multiple ways of how to hire a .NET developer and nitty-gritty involved in .NET hiring? Well, let us some up a few things for you. Here’s how you can go about hiring the right-fit .NET to hire for you, step by step.


As the first step to hire .NET developer, Develop a holistic understanding of .NET and know what exactly your requirements are. Write a job description and ob specification.


To hire .NET developer, signup as a recruiter on an online community form/freelancing website/employment site, or collaborate with a professional hiring service like Chudovo (recommended).


Kick-off the process to hire .NET developer, go live with your job posting and invite applications for the same.


Filter out the applications based on your own set parameters, conduct interviews, telephonic interactions, and background checks


Shortlist and select the candidates that make the cut for you, extend job offers, hire NET developer and get going with the task!

Most Common Mistakes while hiring a .NET developer

While by now you know enough of what to do and how to hire a .NET developer, here are a few mistakes you need to avoid,

  • Focussing only on technical skills and ignoring team dynamics and other soft skills
  • Making your requirements too broad, vague, and ambiguous
  • Limiting yourself to only a few generic sources for job applications
  • Relying only on community forums and freelancing platforms to hire a developer
  • Hiring on face value and overlooking a thorough background check


To find and hire dedicated NET developer or to hire .NET developer offshore who is the right fit requires a lot of thought, strategic planning, and professional expertise. While you can always go for community hiring sources and online platforms, if you wish to make a truly good hire, then it is highly recommended to avail of a professional service of a .NET developmet company like the one provided by Chudovo. It’s faster, easier, and more reliable.

And believe us, one good .NET developer hire is a long-term asset, with its value outlasting the investments made in hiring! So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us, and let us discuss how we as a .NET development company can help you!

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