E-Commerce application



Develop an order processing application, which will be integrated with buyqwest.com and homes.org to sell products and services of a leading provider of voice, video and data services across America and the world.

Technologies used

ASP.NET, MS SQL, HTML, Javascript, CSS, Flash


CHUDOVO OÜ developed for its client a web application, allowing the users to buy various products and services, paying for them online and tracking their delivery. The client, on its part, was able to easily manage the product and services items it provided.

The project was developed by CHUDOVO OÜ utilizing an Agile development methodology – Scrum – with sprints complemented with compensatory QA activities to ensure each deliverable’s quality. The magento ecommerce development team managed to quickly develop intermediate versions to be able to verify software functionality early in the process and prepare it for developing end-product features.