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Chudovo awarded ‘Strongest in Estonia 2024’

Chudovo OÜ Received the Title “Strongest in Estonia 2024” with Credit Rating AA

What is Credit Rating?

Credit rating can be defined as an honest assessment assigned to businesses by Creditinfo Eesti AS. Above all it reflects the company’s economic status, financial health, and payment patterns. In other words, the Credit rating is the evaluation of a company’s overall condition which showcases business reliability and provides comparison with other companies. The certificate “Strongest in Estonia 2024” is exclusively granted to companies that have received one of the top A-group credit ratings: AAA or “Excellent”, AA or “Very Good”, and A or “Good”. 

The company’s credit rating is calculated based on 3 main criteria:

  • Economic status
  • Financial stability,
  • Payment behavior

The calculated values are translated into a rating represented by a combination of letters. Each component contributes to the final rating proportionally. 

On the one hand, the utilization of credit rating contributes to making informed credit and investment decisions. On the other hand, it helps establish cooperative partnerships or employment contracts. The ratings are assigned using standard and uniform criteria for all the companies. This enables easy comparison between the firms and rational decision-making free from emotional bias. Furthermore, the rating helps identify the companies to get the award Strongest in Estonia.”

Chudovo OÜ received the title “Strongest in Estonia 2024”

Chudovo OÜ received the status “Strongest in Estonia 2024” with a credit rating of AA due to the company’s stable financial conditions. Chudovo contributes to the development of the Estonian economy and is an exemplary company in terms of financial behavior. During the previous year, the agency demonstrated exemplary economic health and can be defined as one of the drivers of the Estonian economy. According to the statistics, only 7.8% of Estonian firms receive an AA “Very good” credit rating.

Our company will continue its activities and try to develop in the same direction to be able to provide quality services to the customers.

Chudovo OÜ awarded ‘Strongest in Estonia 2024’ with AA Credit Rating (1)Chudovo OÜ awarded ‘Strongest in Estonia 2024’ with AA Credit Rating (2)
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