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How to Choose Best Software Development Partner

How to Choose Best Software Development Partner

In the digital age that we live in, every growing business has to pass through the critical juncture of choosing the right software development partner to survive and sustain. However, choosing the best is always a challenging task, and it holds for software development partners as well!

Through partnering with the software development company for a particular project or span is common, handing over the work to a new software development partner and ensuring perfection in their project completion is not easy. However, having the proper knowledge about how software development partnerships work and what to expect can land your company with the best software development partner in the country, leading to skyrocketing business outcomes.

What is a software development partner?

In layman’s terms, a software development partner comprises IT professionals, project managers, testing engineers, client service associates, and many more trained executives to carry out the different group or individual tasks set to fulfill the client requirements.

The software development company allows you to source the projects for a fixed period, with mutually agreeable deliverables, in return for a fee. As a result, these business partners are rich in human resources, tools, technologies, infrastructure, and other required necessities for any project they come across.

Hence, any company can quickly deploy projects and new IT-enabled initiatives by utilizing their development partners’ resources at an affordable cost without establishing the same in their organization.

For instance, Chudovo is one of those companies that provide excellent software development services to clients. This organization has experienced and expert professionals specializing in various technologies like .NET, Java, PHP, etc. With outstanding talent and professionalism, the company ensures the delivery of world-class solutions without compromising on quality.

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Key Reasons why Companies are Looking for a Software Development Partnership

To achieve the required resources to complete any particular project successfully within a given time frame, a company is looking for a software development partnership or business partner to ease the workflow as much as possible.

Here are some business reasons and requirements that can fuel your lookout for a software development partner.

#1 Human Resources

The software development company has specialized software developers and professionals for their day-to-day activities. These professionals are readily available to take the client projects. Therefore, whenever the requirement arises, without hiring the developers in-house, a business can easily opt to choose other software development partners.

This results in the company being able to secure access to the vast knowledge and different views from the partner company about the project. This also eliminates the need for temporary expansion of employees in the company.

#2 Technical skills

Despite having enough human resources, it’s hard to find employees with a solid technical background. Due to lack of knowledge, projects can have bugs or glitches, which can result in losing their clients permanently.

As every project is unique and has different scopes, it is necessary to fulfill the project’s needs from a different perspective. Having good technical skills also helps the developer to enhance the software flexibility very easily.

Software development partners have complete access to human resources and can hire senior engineers for the job swiftly than the sourcing organization. Here resources can be used efficiently for the required projects.

#3 Efficiency

The in-house developers of a company are often involved in fulfilling multiple IT requirements for different vertices simultaneously. This can often lead to a new project or need not getting enough time and attention that it deserves. While it is not the in-house development team’s fault (as they have to fulfill multiple commitments), this lack of awareness of the project can lead to undesirable delays in deliverables, bringing down the efficiency of the entire project.

In such a situation, choosing a third-party software development partner comes across as an optimum solution. When you hire a software development company for a dedicated project or purpose, the project is the team’s sole focus, and the idea is to deliver it to you in the best way possible. This enhances the quality of the software output and ensures that the project timelines are duly met and each deliverable reaches you well in time.

#4 Comprehensive Software Development (Different Stages)

During software development, it goes through various stages such as planning, designing, coding, testing, debugging, and more. Each of these stages is generally completed by different dedicated departments in their specialized ways.

Every business organization cannot afford to place all the departments in the company which must be updated with necessary equipment and software to run tests and programs on the project because of the cost consumption.

With the help of a software development partner, this can be done with ease. In every software development partnership, both the organizations are immensely benefited at both ends, which helps them reduce the costs without compromising on the benefits.

#5 In-house risks

Development taking place within the company is called In-house development. Though all the software developments are taking place under the supervision of the client, it is easy to modify or correct the mistakes right away by the development team superiors. Still, the development of the project is within the limits of the organization’s knowledge.

As the world is rapidly growing in the field of technology where a new advancement is introduced every day in the market, clients expect the developers to cope with the same and deliver them with advanced, efficient software.

Considering this, any company can source their projects to a well-established and reliable software development partner and can expect a world-class project. This mainly helps the company to stand stiff in the growing market as a renowned organization.

#6 Extra Support

In a typical business organization, it is normal for situations to arise where a position might go vacant unexpectedly, with no one to fill the void, take up the workload, and get what is required to be done immediately. In other situations, contingencies like health and family emergencies, conflicts, or burnouts may also happen.

Partnering with the software development company can be an excellent way to counter and overcome such situations. Having a good software development company as your partner ensures that you always have someone to fall back upon whenever in need. While it may sound trivial, such situations are frequent in a volatile business environment.

#7 Affordable Budget

The costs involved and budget is an essential consideration for any business. And when it comes to software development in-house, there’s no doubt in the fact that a considerable budget has to be allocated to it. But, in addition, every software development department has to be provided with human resources and the necessary infrastructure, tools, and technological support to carry out even the basic software development tasks.

Developing the software inside the organization is budget-consuming. Everything has to be funded by the organization itself, from coding to testing and installing it in the clients’ place, which increases the organization’s cost for the project cause every project is different. It has to spend vast amounts of money to get the required software every time.

In the case of software development partnerships, it is different. The necessary expenditure on tools, technologies, and infrastructure in software development companies has already been incurred and is shared amongst multiple clients.

Steps for Choosing a Software Development Partner in 2021

To choose a software development partner, a company can follow the below-mentioned steps to get the best service in the country.

#1 Assess the project’s requirements

Before selecting a software development partnership, the client has to peruse the project deeply before deciding. The result may vary on the size of the project, whether it requires colossal infrastructure or it is just a tech startup that can fulfill the requirement of the project.

This can be done by preparing requirements and listing all the necessary requirements for the project and their accessibility in the organization.

#2 Check technical skills and resources

While it will be the primary responsibility of your software development partner to hire and train the human resources for the project, it is essential to verify and ensure that your partner is equipped enough to fulfill your project requirements.

While choosing a software development partner in 2021, it is well within your rights to enquire whether your partner currently has the required skilled workforce for your project. If not, how and from where it plans to hire them, and what kind of project-specific training will be designed to make the workforce ready for the project. You should go ahead with a software development partner only when you are convinced about all of these aspects and trust your partner’s capabilities.

#3 Verify development partner’s background

In 2021, countless software development companies have stood up in the market, and every individual company has its unique method of developing software. Before signing for a software development partnership, the company has to verify the portfolio of the partner.

It has to check whether the company’s development team was able to satisfy their previous client needs and whether the company can update itself from time to time with the new technologies.

#4 Emphasize upon Good Communication

Communication between the organization and the developing partner is one of the crucial aspects to focus on. During the project’s development, both the business partners have to communicate the needs required by the project carefully and modify the existing modules if necessary.

If either of the companies is not achieving this, the project can become inefficient and not user-friendly. It can also lead to misunderstandings between the workers of both companies during the process.

#5 Geographical area

Choosing a software development partner in a suitable geographical location is quite a difficult task. The cost of developing the project varies from place to place. Therefore, the organization must identify a better developing partner based on all the aspects of the project development.

Though the developing partner is situated away from the client’s company, it should be able to provide the solution to all the queries that can be raised during the workflow. This is where taking into account the time zone that your development partner works in, along with the working hours, becomes critical.

#6 Budget and support

The partnership for software development can either be on a project-specific or ongoing basis. Accordingly, the pricing can be sent up in terms of a lump sum for the project or the number of hours spent on carrying out the task for the client (hourly basis). Whatever the approach may be, the budget or the rates have to be agreed upon by both parties.

Further, the partner company should be willing to assist the client whenever necessary. For example, when the organization is facing any difficulties in the software, the development partner should be able to come forth and solve the issue at the earliest possible.


Concluding the above topics, it is clear that choosing a better software development partner might be the ideal solution for the software development needs of your growing business. Contrast it with the other option of carrying out the developing process in-house, and the benefits become evident. From every point of view, such as delivering quality projects, maintaining time frame, constant updates, right technical skills, human resources, development teamwork, continuous support, affordable budget, etc. – choosing a software development partner can be the best option for any growing growth business.

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