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How to Build a Dedicated Development Team

How to Build a Dedicated Development Team

Table of contents

  1. What Is a Dedicated Development Team?
  2. What Are the Roles and Responsibilities in a Software Development Team?
  3. Reasons to Choose the Dedicated Team Model
  4. Things to Know Before Building a Dedicated Team
  5. Process of Building a Dedicated Development Team
  6. How to Make the Dedicated Development Team Effective

Choosing a dedicated development team is a key to success in the technical world. It takes a whole lot of effort, screening, and conducting background checks to find the best development team at a low cost. Probably this is the reason why working with off-shore companies is quite a considerable task. Despite the challenges, hiring a dedicated software development team for web or app is an efficient approach in a newfound era, and it is pretty reasonable. It helps companies enjoy several benefits such as expert handling, time and cost-saving, long-term collaboration, and more. Interestingly, various big enterprises and startups have started realizing the significance of hiring dedicated developers. Read this article to learn how to build a dedicated development team.

What Is a Dedicated Development Team?

There are generally two ways for companies to get the software tasks done – either by extending in-house teams or hiring dedicated developers. Though both are beneficial at their places, the latter is said to have a more positive impact on organizations’ efficiency. A dedicated development team is a partnership model in which startups and well-established firms tie-up with an offshore software development company. This enables them to hire an already formed team that integrates into their IT operations. As the team is trained and competent, they get fully dedicated to the project while staying self-controlled. The approach of hiring a dedicated software development team is far better than assigning projects to freelancers. This helps save the bacon of companies when they desire to expand the software development force without extra efforts in management.

What Are the Roles and Responsibilities in a Software Development Team?

Hiring dedicated developers is a top-notch solution when in-house teams lack suitable skills to develop robust software products. Even though a dedicated team has its own administration and management, it can tremendously help in accomplishing the software goals of hiring companies. Below-mentioned is a list of roles and responsibilities that they perform.

  • Business Analysts

Business analysts play an initial role. They are responsible for providing the project definition and clarifying the system development requirements right after the sale has been taken. Their main role is to make the communication between the client and the dedicated team clear and transparent.

  • Project Managers

Project managers are people who handle the complete software project. The role of PM enters the scene after the entire communication between client and team is completed. They directly work with the dedicated team, manage the workflow, control the process, and motivate the team to work productively.

  • UI/UX Designers

UI/UX Designers are responsible to bring creativity to the table. They use wireframes created by the clients, draw mockups out of them, and create application interface designs. They mainly work to enhance the user experience by making the software product look good.

  • Programmers/Developers

The main part is played by programmers or developers in the team. They translate human languages into the languages that computers and technical devices understand, via coding. They work at various levels, including junior, middle, and senior.

  • Quality Assurance

As the name suggests, people in this profile perform the role of ensuring the quality of software products. They conduct testing, evaluate app flow, and identify bugs and errors in the applications to report them to the development team for fixing.

  • Marketing Specialists

Marketing specialists are individuals who handle the end game of software development. They conduct market research, prepare strategies for the campaign, and promote the products to suitable platforms for generating leads. Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Content Marketing are some core techniques in marketing.

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Reasons to Choose the Dedicated Team Model

Frankly speaking, hiring a dedicated software development team has its own pros and cons. However, as the benefits outweigh the negative sides, today most big enterprises plump for collaborating with dedicated development teams. Here are the top reasons behind this.

  • High Focus

Unlike project-based outsourcing, a dedicated team model helps companies to stamp out possible distractions. The hired team is dedicated to the assigned project and never impacted by the competitive spirits of other clients. They put their whole concentration and dedication toward the accomplishment of the project with flying colors.

  • Cost-Efficiency

Planning to hire a team of dedicated developers cut down the cost of recruitment and management to a great extent. Besides, this also enables companies to relish a large pool of talent. By screening the dedicated software team from all over the world, the companies can invest in the one that is cheap to collaborate with. Asian and Eastern European software development teams are the best examples.

  • Direct Management

Yes, mostly the dedicated development team is self-managed, but hiring companies are allowed to have full control over the project. They can communicate with the team, evaluate the workflow, and measure the progress of the task.

  • Rapid Start

For companies in need of starting a software project quickly, a dedicated software development team model is picture-perfect. As the team is already formed and trained to execute software projects, they won’t take time to get the things to fall at the right place.

  • Flexibility

The decision to hire dedicated developers works in favor when a company has to manage the unpredictability of the project. In case clients put forth urgent queries or modifications at odd hours, a dedicated team is highly motivated to provide instant solutions.

Advantages of a Dedicated Team

Dedicated development team models act phenomenally when hiring companies are cognizant of the scope of the project. The model provides the following benefits to the companies at the top level.

  • Companies can have full control over the budget;
  • Companies have full control over the project and management of the team;
  • Companies can manage everyday communication with a team using digital communication platforms;
  • Dedicated developers provide faster responses to clients’ needs;
  • Dedicated developers work with scalability and flexibility;
  • Dedicated developers have a better understanding of the project and clients’ requirements;

Things to Know Before Building a Dedicated Team.

No doubt, hiring dedicated developers adds value to the organization but choosing the best team isn’t a cinch. The choice of software development teams can either make or break the project. To get things done in the desired way, a hiring company ought to consider the following things before building a dedicated team.

Choosing The Experienced And Skilled Resources

The accomplishment of the project will only be possible with the right set of skills put forth by dedicated developers. It is why companies should make sure that the chosen team possesses relevant skills and experience. Besides, the managers can also communicate with the hired team to know whether they are on the same page. This helps an organization to understand the qualities and work standards of dedicated developers.

Ensuring If Communication Channels Are Open

Communication is the key to any successful approach. After making dedicated developers part of a team, it is essential for companies to establish better communication standards. Project managers should conduct constant communication with dedicated software development teams via email and collaboration tools.

Evaluating The Organizational Structure Of The Team

The efficiency of the dedicated development team can be measured with its type of organizational structure. Ensure that the team is led by experienced professionals including the technical lead and project managers. Maintaining constant touch with the team leads to having a better understanding of the dedicated team’s workflow is a smart idea.

Establishing Right Tools And Methodologies

To make the dedicated developers churn the best work, it is vital for companies to establish the right tools and methodologies for work. Other than collaboration tools, the team should be given access to the best project management tools like Zoho and Jira. Depending on the needs of the project, there should also be better choices for CRM tracking tools and status reviewing tools.

Process of Building a Dedicated Development Team

Building a dedicated development team usually involves two parties – a customer and a provider. While the provider is responsible for the management of talent administration, payroll, team building, and ensuring employees’ benefits, the customers, on the other hand, channel the communication and team effectiveness. Here’s how the two parties streamline the process of building a dedicated software development team.

  • Contact The Vendor

The vendor is an outsourcing provider that makes the requirements of companies reach dedicated developers. The hiring company should discuss the scope of the project, the technology stack required, and the resources expected at the first go.

  • Define The Requirements

Hiring companies should put forth clear-cut requirements for dedicated software developers. The list of requirements should be documented so that the vendor can use it later. It should also include basic information about the company to help the dedicated team understand its culture.

  • Interview Developers

The process to hire dedicated developers to comprise various stages of interviews. Firstly, the vendor team accesses the team of candidates via oral and technical rounds. After the verification, the shortlisted candidates are interviewed by clients or hiring companies. The interview process is mainly meant to determine the experience, skills, and interpersonal capabilities of the development team. It is also suggested to go through a background check of their company culture to make an informed decision.

  • Ensure Proper Management Of The Team

After selecting the right dedicated development team, companies need to start channelizing the right management approaches for tasks to be done smoothly. At this stage, client companies are entailed to establish the right communication and provide desired support to the dedicated developers.

  • Evaluate The Performance

The productivity of dedicated software developers can be measured by regular performance checks. Maintain a reliable standard of reviews and evaluation to learn the effectiveness of the team. Based on the results, companies can also set strategies for improvement.

How to Make the Dedicated Development Team Effective

Hiring is not the end but just the start of the process of building a dedicated development team. After the selection of suitable dedicated developers, the company has to focus on the management aspects to make the most out of their skills. Following are a few tips to make the dedicated team work effectively.

Avoid Micromanagement And Trust The People

Micromanagement can sometimes distract the competency of dedicated developers. To help them work productively, it is important for companies to retain trust in them. They should also be allowed to brainstorm ideas or put forth the challenges that they might face with the project.

Celebrate Win Together

Be it small or big, make sure to celebrate the victory with dedicated developers. This will raise the feeling of belongingness among them. Moreover, as they will get more loyal towards their work, the company can enjoy a long-term fruitful relationship with the team.

Provide Flexibility

After the trend of remote working has gained new heights, workers often seek flexibility. Providing the same to a remote dedicated team can help a company relish extra effectiveness. This especially holds true in the case there is a difference between the time zones of client and team.

Create Defined Work Procedures

Stamp out the scope of confusion when assigning tasks and responsibilities to the dedicated team. This can be done by presenting clear documented instructions and setting transparent deadlines. Make sure to add each and every detail regarding the project to help dedicated developers have a better understanding.

Improve Communications And Schedule Meetings

Ensuring regular and proper communication with the dedicated team can help clients build a solid rapport with every team member. The regular meetings, at the same time, are essential to keep the members motivated and responsible for their job.

Closing Words

In a modern yet competitive era, every company yearns to have the best team for their projects. As expanding the in-house team can be a challenge both in terms of time and money, plumping for a dedicated development team model is a better idea. Though this too requires patience and efforts that a client has to put in screening and selecting the best team, the end results can be extremely beneficial.

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