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Main reasons to choose AngularJS for Web App Development

Main Reasons to Choose AngularJS For Web App Development

Table of contents

  1. What is AngularJS?
  2. How AngularJS is used in Web development?
  3. Why Use AngularJS Framework for Web Development?
  4. Top Advantages of Choosing AngularJS for Web App Development
  5. What Apps Can I Build With AngularJS?
  6. Best Examples of Web Apps Using AngularJS

One of the common questions asked by non-technical people is ‘what is web application development?’ It is the process of using client-side and server-side programming to develop applications that any user can access over the web. By harnessing web applications, online businesses can operate smoother and achieve their goals faster in this competitive world. That being said, more and more organizations nowadays are jumping on the bandwagon and making web application development services the core part of their business with the help of developers. From marketing to selling products, web app development plays a big role in helping an organization expand. To make the most out of it, it is vital to choose the best framework. Wondering which technology is best for web applications? AngularJS is the front-runner. Overloaded with libraries and top-hole features, the AngularJS framework can enable businesses to hit the jackpot. The article discusses the in-depth details regarding what is AngularJs, why AngularJs is used, and what is AngularJs used for? Keep reading to have a better understanding.

What is AngularJS?

If better web application development is a need among modern businesses, the AngularJS framework is key to make it happen. For individuals yearning to know what does AngularJS do, it is an open-source JavaScript framework used to develop robust web applications. Introduced by Google in 2009, it is by far one of the best web application frameworks that help to create single-phase applications and line of business applications. The best part about the AngularJS framework is that it is completely based on HTML and JavaScript. This means a respective developer does not need to indulge in the hustle for learning other syntaxes and languages. As the entire process of AngularJS web development is supported by Google and a wide community forum, businesses can take pleasure in its up-to-date Angular features. Simply put, the AngularJS framework helps organizations easily plan to expand their dynamic goal of web app development in line with the latest trends for staying on the edge of competition.

How AngularJS is used in Web development?

Getting started with AngularJS web development isn’t complex. Even with a modest knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, developers can create AngularJS web apps in merely 5 minutes. Mainly, it entails a developer putting a few attributes in an HTML script. The detailed information about the process of AngularJS web application development can be easily accessed on the official website. Developers can also expand their knowledge for HTML and its vocabulary by heading to the official website.

The official learning source to know how AngularJS is used in web application development covers AngularJS Tutorial and conceptual overview. Another option would be to download the Seed App project template. It helps a developer gain access to a starter app with an in-built layout, test harness, and scripts. The keen to learn web developers can also hook for the third-party websites to acquire in-depth knowledge for ‘how and why is AngularJS used for web development?’

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Why Use AngularJS Framework for Web Development?

From the startups to the giant multinationals associations, there are more than 6820 businesses rejoicing in the AngularJS framework for web application development. Google, Amazon, and Udemy are some top names on the list. Overall, AngularJS accounts for 0.4% of all the websites and is still increasing. In simple words, the practice of AngularJS web application development is dominating the newfound software world. And why not? AngularJS is one of the most versatile and easy-to-use frameworks for developing dynamic web applications. Still, in doubt, why is AngularJS used? Here are the A-list Angular features that make it a preferred web application development solution among software enterprises.

  • Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture

One of the foremost features of AngularJS web development is MVC architecture. This boosts the value of the framework, as well as, provides the foundation for other useful Angular features. The MVC architecture of AngularJS is dynamic, which sets it apart from the other framework. With this Angular feature, developers do not need to add extra code to connect the elements of the AngularJS web application together.

  • Data Binding

Data binding refers to the automatic synchronization of data between the model and view. AngularJS framework enables developers to create templates for finding components with models. This helps to update the bound model value whenever the HTML or view component differs.

  • Directives

AngularJS directives tell how to combine data into the HTML. It is a great way to enhance the functionality of AngularJS web applications. In AngularJS, directives can also be customized based on the needs.

  • Dependency Injection

Another reason behind the preference for AngularJS web application development is the in-built dependency injection in the framework. It helps developers to create and test the application with extra ease.

  • Routing

Routing helps developers switch from one view to another. Using the ngRoute directives, developers can transit between the pages in the application without reloading them. This is an incredible solution to help users enjoy an interactive experience with the AngularJS web applications.

  • Services

There are several in-built services in AngularJS that are used in many ways without having any impact on its MVC architecture. They also communicate with the servers for sending and receiving the information. $http, $location, $timeout, and $interval are some common AngularJS web development services.

Top Advantages of Choosing AngularJS for Web App Development

Many beginner Angular developers often come up with a question: ‘what is AngularJS good for?’ The answer to this general question lies in the endless benefits of AngularJS. Check them out to know why is AngularJS used extensively in software organizations.

  • Easy To Use

One of the most amazing benefits of AngularJS is that it is quite easy to use. No matter if a developer is a beginner or experienced, the process of AngularJS web application development can be easily and quickly accomplished. The simple reason behind the fact is that AngularJS does not require much coding as in the case of other frameworks.

  • Open-Source

By open-source, it means that AngularJS comprises tons of useful features along with some highly customizable components. Besides, the fact that it is a cross-browser compliant framework, provides developers with the benefit of time efficiency. They do not need to develop scripts again and again in the distinguished browsers.

  • Interactive User Interface Development

The key objective behind web application development by software companies is to improve the user experience. Preferring AngularJS web development can make the fulfillment goal easy. This is because the framework enables developers to develop interactive user experiences, which in return make the AngularJS web apps lightweight and user-friendly.

  • Code Reusability

Another benefit of AngularJS that makes it a top choice for web app development is code reusability. With this framework, developers can reuse the code that was previously written with efficiency. Moreover, this also saves a great deal of time and money when developers aim to modify or customize the AngularJS web apps. Just making the necessary changes in the previously written code helps to bring rapid yet profound changes.

  • Large Community Support

AngularJS web development brings a bundle of benefits. One such reason behind the fact is large community support. There are several experts in the AngularJS community who are ready to help each other in the matter of web app development. With the help of such experts, beginner developers can resolve even complex web application development problems with ease.

What Apps Can I Build With AngularJS?

Needless to say, the advantages of AngularJS are broad in range. Now that it is clear that ‘what is AngularJS good for’, let’s find how the framework contributes to web app development. Check out the types of AngularJS web apps that developers can create.

  • Simple Web Applications

Simple web app development, today, is a growing need among modern businesses. AngularJS framework being rich in libraries, directives, components, resources, and services help in the development of simple web applications from scratch. Developers can even perform CRUD operations for easy use of web apps.

  • Single Page Applications

Single-page applications are considered as the key to spike user-friendliness in web application development because they do not reload pages when in use. AngularJS helps to build such applications with convenience. The set of in-built validators and directives in the framework made it easy for developers to handle controls and errors.

  • Mobile Applications

The use of mobile phones has increased in the past few years. This being the reason, many products, and service-based businesses wish to rocket their traffic by creating mobile applications. AngularJS is a phenomenal solution to develop mobile apps, all by installing MongoDB and NodeJs on the system. Also, developers can bind AngularJS with LungoJS, the mobile framework, to create amazing mobile apps.

  • Firebase Powered Applications

The idea of blending AngularJS and Firebase led to the escalation of AngularFire, the real-time backend service. As it supports two-way binding, developers can easily build real-time AngularJS web apps and mobile apps. This is also great to develop real-time chatbots and chat applications to enhance user experience.

Best Examples of Web Apps Using AngularJS

AngularJS is a versatile and beneficial framework for turning the game of web app development top-notch. The proof lies in the list of these well-known applications that have been developed using AngularJS. Have a look at all the examples.

  • PayPal

PayPal is a leading online payment system created for an American company, PayPal Holdings, Inc. It operates in more than 200 countries and has around 254 million users around the world. PayPal, a famous example of AngularJS web app development, is the best alternative to paper transactions.

  • Gmail

Gmail, the app that is widely used for transferring personal and professional mails is built on AngularJS. It was launched in 2004 and is currently used by more than 1.4 billion people across the globe. Gmail is the picture-perfect example of the fact that AngularJS web development helps businesses make headway.

  • The Guardian

The Guardian is a well-known British news and media website. Built on AngularJS, the web app of The Guardian is circulated among more than 100,000 people in the UK. App usage is also quite high all over the world.

  • Netflix

The popularity of Netflix is unmatchable. This entertainment company from America presents a bundle of delight to users in the form of a convenient Netflix app, built on AngularJS. Its plentiful users across the world and an endless number of streams prove that AngularJS web development is seamless.

  • Upwork

Upwork is the world’s biggest marketplace where businesses and freelancers can connect with each other. As the application is based on the concept of AngularJS web application development, users can enjoy the ease of use and personalized filters.

  • Weather

Another example of AngularJS web application development is Weather.com, a popular website to note down the weather forecast reports. It is the second most visited website all over the world for accessing weather forecasts. The app updates regularly to present only the latest information to its users.

Bottom Line

Web application development is a big cheese in the world of businesses. AngularJS helps to accomplish the goal of developing dynamic and user-friendly web applications with extra ease and efficiency. After all, it is one of the versatile, advantageous, and convenient web frameworks of all time. Now that the advantages of AngularJS are transparent, we bet many companies will plan to adopt the framework for their web application development project. To make the most out of AngularJS web development, we suggest companies hire professional developers who have a good hand with their technology stack. This will surely help the organizations to be on the crest of the wave.

Undeniably, AngularJS is your best solution to achieve progress in web application development. In case of expert guidance, feel free to contact us. We can surely help you make your web development goals fulfill in line with your needs and the latest business trends.

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