Angular Development Services

If you are looking to create a professional, practical application and have chosen the Angular framework for it, we are here to help. Our experienced team can provide a comprehensive service from the ground up or offer additional support to your existing development team. Let us take care of your Angular project, so you can focus on achieving your business goals.

Angular Development Services we Offer

We are globally recognized for our Angular development proficiency, providing businesses with a reliable and professional service:

Our Cross-Industry Angular Software Development Expertise

Our development teams assist with the development of custom medical software for patient data management, telehealth applications, appointment scheduling solutions, remote patient monitoring solutions, and more.
Our Angular developers take part in the delivery of trading platforms, wealth management solutions, digital wallets, P2P lending platforms, crowdfunding solutions, etc.
Our software engineers can help with the development of manufacturing operations management software, order and inventory management solutions, CRMs, production planning solutions, etc.
Our Angular developers can assist with the front-end development of educational apps like competency management systems, language learning platforms, education management software, and others.
Our software engineers offer client-side development of apps for tourism. Among the examples are accommodations rental services, platforms for personalized trip planning, services for ticket booking, etc.
The Angular development teams help businesses in the implementation of logistics management solutions, warehouse management systems, software for route planning, and more.

Angular for web development

Angular is a robust front-end framework that can meet diverse businesses' demands. Choosing Angular for building web application brings many advantages for businesses:
Component-based architecture
Component-based architecture enables the creation of responsive and dynamic Angular web apps. The application consists of self-contained components and each of them encapsulates an exact part of the user interface with the specific functionality. This contributes to code modularity, reusability, scalability, and maintainability.
Angular Universal is a solution for server-side rendering (SSR). SSR is an integral aspect of Angular apps. Server rendering as opposed to client rendering contributes to better performance, improved Core Web Vitals Results (in particular FCP, LCP, CLS), and improved SEO experience. SSR enables simple indexing and crawling of the content by search engines. The pages are rendered on the server and initial HTML content is generated and delivered to the browser, where Angular utilizes the data from HTML.
High App Performance
Angular is an choice for businesses looking to create feature-rich websites and web applications capable of handling high traffic volumes without compromising on response times. Utilization of web workers and SSR results in significant improvement in site speed.
Cross-platform compatibility
The Angular framework is cross-platform, so the developers can create software solutions that run across different platforms. Angular enables the creation of apps for mobile devices, tablets, desktop environments, and web browsers with a consistent user experience.
Responsive Web Design
With the power of Angular software engineers create robust apps with responsive interfaces. Mobile-friendly applications expand the capabilities of the application itself because nowadays users access the applications from different devices and value mobility.
Dynamic UI
Angular is ideal for constructing dynamic web interfaces that respond to user interaction. Animation capabilities make it suitable for businesses looking to add a professional touch to their online solutions.
Dependency Injection
Built-in dependency injection (DI) enables classes with the Angular decorators to manage and configure needed dependencies. DI provides components with the means to access services and other resources. This results in boosting the application’s efficiency.
Simplified Testing
The fundamental aspect of Angular is its capability to automate the testing of every component within an application. With unit testing using f.e. Jasmine and Karma the developers ensure that application works correctly.
Great User Support
Angular built a global network of experienced developers, who support its growth through open-source contributions, tutorials, learning materials, forums, and more.

Why Choose Angular App Development Services Provided by Our Team

  • 30.000+ Man-days experience in Angular software development
  • 15+ Years on the market
  • 55+ Software developers in total

We Offer Multiple Engagement Models

Our Angular development team has a flexible approach to the customers, so we offer different models of cooperation.
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Who are our clients

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We help market innovators create progressive tech products and become future industry leaders.
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Our professional engineers know how to handle robust & versatile technology Angular which is often chosen by SMEs for developing software products.
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Our developers facilitate enterprise-class software solutions growth through their knowledge and experience.

We have a process to follow

We strive to ensure that our business clients know every step of the Angular outsourcing process. We handle your challenges, enabling the business to focus on other aspects. Still, our team wants to ensure that the cistomer remains informed and up-to-date on every step we take to deliver the highest-quality Angular software development services.

Our Architecture Approaches for the Angular Web Apps Development

In the monolithic architecture approach web applications are delivered as a monolith, where components are treated as a single application. For the updating of the monolith solution, it is needed to make the deployment of the entire application. For the backend part, this was changed with the microservices approach, where each module is developed as an autonomous service and can be deployed independently from other ones. For the frontend part, micro frontends came in handy. Within this approach, the single application is divided into small apps. Angular micro frontends can be developed and deployed by different teams. In general, application architecture depends on the needs, goals, and requirements of the business. Below is an example of monolith & Angular micro frontend architecture.

Monolith .vs Micro Frontend

Monolith .vs Micro Frontend

Our Selected Angular Projects

How to Start with Angular Application Development

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Step 1: Share the Project Requirements or Project Idea
Specify the business objectives and outline the requirements for the Angular solution development.
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Step 2: Select the Cooperation Model
Choose the collaboration model that best suits your goals and Angular project realization. Hire dedicated developers, augment the in-house development team, or outsource the implementation of the solution.
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Step 3: Start the Implementation of the Project
Launch the project by integrating new Angular team members or a full-service dedicated development team.

Tech Stack for the Angular Software Development

State Management
  • RxJS
  • NgRx
  • NGXS
  • Akita
  • RxAngular
UI Components
  • Angular Material
  • PrimeNG
  • DevExtreme
  • Bootstrap
Development Tools
  • Angular CLI
  • Angular Universal
  • Angular DevTools
  • Karma
  • Jasmine
  • Protractor
  • Mocha
  • Cypress
Data Visualization
  • Angular Google Charts
  • Ngx-Charts
  • D3.js
We provide Angular app development services in the combination with the following back-end
Development Libraries
  • Ionic
  • NativeScript
  • Cordova
  • Electron

Why product and technology leaders build their Angular teams with us

ROI driven approach
At Chudovo, we provide our business clients with the highest possible return on investment. Our development strategies are designed to maximize ROI and ensure long-term success. We strive to act as a trusted partner, working with our clients to achieve their goals.
Best Coding Practices
Our Angular developers are highly skilled and adhere to the best practices to provide the optimal solution for your business needs. We take pride in our commitment to excellence, delivering quality outcomes you can depend on.
Ability to Scale the Team in Days
Our Talent Acquisition team has enabled us to rapidly scale our business, swiftly responding to demand within days and weeks. We are proud of the professional and efficient service they provide.
Startup and Enterprise Experience
With over ten years of experience providing services to over 100 startups and enterprise clients, we are the ideal choice for businesses looking for a professional and reliable partner. Our expertise and commitment to excellence have earned us a reputation as the best in the industry.

Featured Projects


What is Angular? Answer

Angular is a full-fledged framework designed for application development. This platform is a good solution for creating efficient and complex apps. The Angular platform itself is built on TypeScript. This platform combines the following:

  • Full suite of tools for the software engineer to write, update, and test the code easily
  • Component-based framework for the creation of secure apps that are highly scalable
  • Set of libraries that cover lots of features (f.e. client-server communication, routing, etc.)

Angular projects are very flexible and scalable. Single-developer projects can easily scale to the application of the enterprise level.

What is the difference between AngularJS and Angular? Answer
Angular was first announced in 2009. Software engineers Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons worked on developing this framework. The first version of Angular was finally released in 2010 under the name AngularJS. It was written in JavaScript. AngularJS was supposed to be a revolutionary solution in front-end development. It gained wide recognition and was often used for the development of applications. After some time it turned out that AngularJS is not scalable enough. As a result, the framework was fully rewritten. The new version was released under the name Angular 2 in 2016. From this point in time, Angular is released ~approximately once every six months with enhancements considering all modern trends and developer needs. For now, the most up-to-date version is Angular 17, which was released in November 2023.
Why choose Angular for the solution development? Answer

The advantages of the Angular framework:

  • Cross-platform and cross-browser
  • Angular is a good solution for building single page applications (SPAs)
  • Angular is search-engines friendly due to server-side rendering (SSR) through the Angular Universal
  • Component-oriented architecture enables the separation and reusability of different parts of the user interface. Due to the utilization of a component-based approach, the code is reusable, well-structured, and readable, and provides enhanced testability as well as simplified maintainability
  • Enhanced performance
  • Efficient testing for ensuring the stability of the codebase. Karma and Jasmine are the most used tools to execute Angular unit testing
  • Two-way data binding provides a mechanism for components within the application to exchange data (to track events and simultaneously update parent-child components)
  • Dependency injection (DI)

Angular is widely used for the development of different types of applications. According to technology trends, the highest market share of Angular apps is in the US region

Can you provide Angular app developers for the ongoing project? Answer
Our Angular developers can join the project at any stage of the development process. Our teams can implement projects from scratch as well as join the ongoing Angular projects, bringing our expertise and knowledge.
How much does the development of an Angular web application cost? Answer

The final development costs and implementation time for the Angular web app depend on various factors as:

  • The complexity of the Angular web application to be developed
  • The scope of the required features to be implemented within the Angular app
  • Tech stack (on the back-end)
  • UI/UX design, and quality assurance
  • Requirements to the integrations and system scalability
  • Maintenance and support of the delivered Angular software

Contact our team to communicate about your Angular web application to analyze your needs and to discuss approximate cost based on the system requirements.