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If you are looking to create a professional, practical application and have chosen the Angular framework for it, we are here to help. Our experienced team can provide a comprehensive service from the ground up or offer additional support to your existing development team. Let us take care of your Angular project, so you can focus on achieving your business goals.
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What is Angular?

Angular is a leading JavaScript framework renowned for its front-end development capabilities. Companies such as Google, Forbes, and Amazon have relied on Angular for creating software for mobile and web projects. This framework gives businesses the features to create engaging user interfaces, complex enterprise applications, and multi-user management systems. With its impressive range of capabilities, Angular stands out as an ideal choice for software development.

Angular is a robust JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework to develop various mobile and desktop web applications. Backed by Google, it is known for its speed, reliability, robustness, and developer-friendliness. With Angular, businesses can create high-scale, single-page applications that are easily extensible and customizable. Its ability to modify or replace any feature makes development workflows smoother and more expressive. Angular is an ideal choice for developing highly scalable and professional web applications.

Chudovo has a distinguished history of engineering Angular applications that bring sophistication to businesses. Our comprehensive selection of Angular development solutions is designed to provide user-friendly, growth-oriented applications compatible with JavaScipt markups and promptly adapt to evolving markets. Our profound experience in utilizing full-stack JavaScript technologies has aided many enterprises in completely revamping their service offerings and realizing high returns on investments. We are committed to helping businesses reach their goals with our professional services.

Why Choose Chudovo for Angular Development?

We are globally recognized for our Angular development proficiency, providing businesses with a reliable and professional service:

  • Our experienced developers specialize in building, testing, and deploying custom Angular applications tailored to your business goals. Our developers have the expertise to ensure your applications are successful.
  • By adopting an iterative development approach, businesses can create applications that foster growth. This approach allows for continual iteration and improvement, ensuring that the application is up to date and meeting the ever-evolving needs of the business. By taking a professional and continuous approach to development, we can ensure that your applications are conducive to growth and success.
  • Maximise long-term strategic success for your business by leveraging HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build robust applications.
  • Developing high-quality apps that ensure interactive user experiences across all channels requires professional clean and practical coding strategies. It can ensure you can provide your customers with an engaging experience no matter what channel they choose.
  • Deliver state-of-the-art mobile and web apps with unparalleled speed and efficiency at competitive rates to meet the needs of your business. Our professional team of experts is ready to provide exceptional service and quality results.
CUSTOM SOLUTION (Software Outsourcing)
CUSTOM SOLUTION (Software Outsourcing)
CHUDOVO provides professional full-cycle software development for businesses. Our experienced team of Project Managers, Developers, and Designers can take your project from idea to completion, delivering an end-to-end solution tailored to your exact specifications. We bring your web application to life from scratch, from initial concept to post-release support.
We offer you access to a dedicated team of highly-skilled and experienced AngularJS developers. With our specialist expertise, we can help build the specified aspects of your project quickly and efficiently, ensuring a seamless experience. Utilizing our proven methodology, we can confirm your project receives the quality, attention to detail, and value it deserves.
OUTSTAFFING (IT Staff Augmentation)
OUTSTAFFING (IT Staff Augmentation)
Enhance your projects with our experienced AngularJS professionals. Our development company can provide the talent you need to power up your tech department. With our top engineers, you can be assured of a seamless integration of professional skills within your existing development team. Why product and technology leaders build their Angular teams with us
We are a professional AngularJS Development Company providing single-page, scalable, and secure web application development solutions. Our expertise in AngularJS allows you to benefit from optimized, reliable, and high-performance web applications.
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Angular for web development
Angular, a robust front-end framework built with TypeScript can meet diverse businesses' demands. Choosing Angular for your web application brings many advantages for businesses:
Faster development
The Angular framework offers a powerful combination of component-based architecture, two-way data binding, and a robust ecosystem that significantly benefits businesses. These features enhance product testability, enable component reusability, and allow developers to finish projects faster. Additionally, its universal code generation and splitting capabilities create even more value.
High app performance
Angular is an excellent choice for businesses looking to create feature-rich websites and web applications capable of handling high traffic volumes without compromising on response times. Moreover, Angular offers the distinct advantage of generating and splitting universal code.
Cleaner code
TypeScript, the language powering Angular, provides sophisticated type-checking features that result in a more organized and easily maintainable codebase. This makes it a beneficial tool for businesses, allowing them to take advantage of the improved accuracy and efficiency it offers for their development projects.
Great User Support
Angular has built a global network of experienced developers to support businesses worldwide. Our professional team is dedicated to helping you succeed.
Simple & Expressive
Angular's component-based architecture brings simplicity, strength, and potential for expression. For businesses looking for a professional solution, this is an ideal choice.
Angular, created and maintained by Google, is a proven and reliable framework that is regularly updated. It has earned a stellar reputation in the business market, making it a go-to choice for reliable technology.
Dynamic UI
Angular is ideal for constructing dynamic web interfaces that respond to user interaction. Animation capabilities are also a vital feature of this technology, making it suitable for businesses looking to add a professional touch to their online solutions.
Angular is engineered to facilitate progressive web apps, and native and desktop applications, all of which can be beneficial for businesses. Our professional-grade team ensures maximum performance and scalability for any business.
Angular adopt a mobile-first strategy, enabling businesses to build web solutions tailored to mobile that deliver a superior user experience when accessed on smartphones. This approach ensures you can create cutting-edge mobile experiences for your customers.
We have a process to follow.
We strive to ensure that our business clients know every step of the Angular outsourcing process. We handle your issues, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. Still, we want to ensure that you remain informed and up-to-date on every step we take to deliver the highest-quality Angular software development services.
QA & Testing
Reach out to us anytime, and we will discuss your idea. Our experts carefully analyze each aspect of the project for the most cost-effective and proactive implementation. We take great care in the preparation process, ensuring that each step is properly scrutinized. You can be assured of a professional and thorough approach.
At CHUDOVO, we specialize in providing professional, Agile-driven project management services. We utilize the 1-2 week sprint model to ensure continuous progress reports for our clients. Our team is dedicated to putting our collective hands on the keyboard to implement our clients' ideas.
QA & Testing
Completed testing of code created. Every component is inspected to ensure high quality. Our commitment to quality helps to build trust with customers.
Entering your production stage is an achievement that will boost your business' image and maximize its profits. Professionally benefit from the product's success and take pride in its accomplishment.
After deploying your product, we guarantee to provide professional support. Our motto is 'No Bit of Code Left Behind,' which we strive to adhere to in all our practices.

Best 12 AngularJS Development Tools

Karma. Karma is a top-rated testing framework for AngularJS development, offering an unparalleled platform to test an application on real browsers and mobile devices. As a highly sought-after and trending solution, Karma is widely used for unit testing, E2E testing, and midway testing. Businesses across the globe rely on Karma's comprehensive testing capabilities to guarantee the quality of their applications.
Protractor. Protector is a robust, open-source, end-to-end framework that enables businesses to create powerful applications. Protractor combines Mocha, Cucumber, Selenium, and Jasmine technologies and provides an interactive development environment that allows developers to build applications confidently. It is built on top of WebDriverJS and runs tests in a real browser, allowing users to interact with the application as they would in a real-world environment.
Webstorm . Webstorm is a preferred code editor amongst the Angular community, offering compatibility with JavaScript, NodeJS, HTML, and CSS and providing excellent support for the latest technologies. This makes it an ideal tool for those involved in AngularJS development. Businesses can benefit from the benefits of Webstorm, ensuring they are up to date with the most current technology developments.
Aptana Studio. Aptana is a free, open-source, professional-grade Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for quickly creating dynamic websites. It is a customized version of Eclipse specifically designed for web development, with extensive tools for HTML, CSS, and other web technologies. With flexibility and speed, Aptana is well-suited to industry-leading AngularJS developers.
Mocha.JS. Mocha.JS is a comprehensive, feature-rich JavaScript testing framework for both Node.JS and the browser, enabling more effective asynchronous testing. It is well-suited for those at the beginning level, making it ideal for training. Businesses benefit from this tool through its efficient and reliable testing capabilities.
Djangular. Djangular is an efficient and reliable application that enables businesses to integrate AngularJS content into their projects efficiently. With its powerful combination of Django and Angular frameworks, developers can quickly and seamlessly develop app content. Moreover, Djangular provides superior flexibility and integration with AngularJS, allowing businesses to maximize their development output.
Sublime Text. Sublime Text is an essential tool for AngularJS developers, providing the best text code editing capabilities. It is the first choice of professionals, offering a variety of packages to simplify and streamline their workflow. Businesses can benefit from using Sublime Text, as it makes coding more straightforward and more efficient.
Jasmine. Jasmine is a professional, behavior-driven development (BDD) JavaScript framework that works in conjunction with Karma. It enables developers to apply a test-driven development (TDD) approach to their projects. Jasmine can automatically identify and detect JavaScript classes and frameworks, allowing for the discovery of unmonitored code and prompt notification. It is a handy tool for businesses, saving time and effort.
AngularFire. AngularFire is a comprehensive backend development solution for businesses planning to develop an Angular application. It offers dynamic API features, 3-way data binding, rapid development capabilities, and an active AngularJS IDE. With AngularFire, businesses can benefit from a streamlined development process, reducing development time and cost while delivering high-quality, robust applications.
10 provides businesses with powerful, jQuery-independent widgets for Mentions and Macros. The directive can be applied directly to any element to enable selectable text inputs. This flexibility allows developers to build applications without relying on JQuery, providing a professional and reliable user experience.
Generator Angular. This tool lets businesses quickly set up projects with pre-defined, sensible defaults. It provides the necessary boilerplate to get started on any app quickly and professionally.
Angular Kickstart. This tool provides a streamlined and efficient AngularJS development process and a scalable build system that simplifies the development workflow. Perfect for businesses looking to maximize their productivity, this powerful tool provides a professional and reliable solution.
Why product and technology leaders build their Angular teams with us
ROI driven approach
At CHUDOVO, we provide our business clients with the highest possible return on investment. Our development strategies are designed to maximize ROI and ensure long-term success. We strive to act as a trusted partner, working with our clients to achieve their goals.
Best coding practices
Our developers are highly skilled and adhere to the best practices to provide the optimal solution for your business needs. We take pride in our commitment to excellence, delivering quality outcomes you can depend on.
Ability to scale the team in days
Our Talent Acquisition team has enabled us to rapidly scale our business, swiftly responding to demand within days and weeks. We are proud of the professional and efficient service they provide.
Startup and enterprise experience
With over ten years of experience providing services to over 100 startups and enterprise clients, we are the ideal choice for businesses looking for a professional and reliable partner. Our expertise and commitment to excellence have earned us a reputation as the best in the industry.

Fintech is rapidly advancing, and the ability to outsource Angular development is crucial to staying ahead of the competition. With Angular, businesses can create mobile, web, and desktop applications and combine their functionalities. The framework offers numerous features such as components, modules, code-splitting, and a powerful toolkit, making Fintech products robust and secure – two key elements that customers look for. Outsourcing Angular development is the best option for businesses to remain competitive in today’s Fintech landscape.


Angular’s dynamic capabilities provide a reliable and robust solution for your travel app needs. With the help of an AngularJS development company, you can craft an impeccable, feature-rich travel app that caters to your business’s needs. Our professional team of experts will ensure a flawless and successful experience.


LinkedIn is a professional networking app developed with the Angular framework. By leveraging the capabilities of Angular, the LinkedIn development team has created an intuitive, user-friendly mobile experience for business users.

Media & Entertainment App Development

Angular is an excellent choice for businesses looking to develop high-end video streaming applications with advanced functionality. YouTube and Netflix are notable examples of applications built with Angular, showcasing its potential. Utilizing AngularJS, businesses can create dynamic video streaming applications, delivering a great user experience.

E-Commerce and Retail App Development

Businesses looking to take advantage of the explosive growth of online commerce and digital retail should consider leveraging the powerful capabilities of Angular software in their e-commerce website. By working with experienced Angular developers, you can create a site from scratch or upgrade your current platform to provide enhanced functionality. Our professional team of developers can ensure your site is crafted with excellence, giving you the edge in an increasingly competitive market.


Our team of experienced professionals specializes in designing and deploying innovative, user-friendly medical applications and software to help healthcare organizations achieve improved patient outcomes. Our commitment to innovation and excellence has made us a trusted partner for businesses in the medical industry.


We can develop a platform tailored to the customer’s needs and optimized for efficient learning to ensure the highest quality education standards for businesses.

Logistics App Development

Businesses looking for skilled software developers to develop their transport and logistics projects need to look no further. Our transport app developers have extensive experience in this area and are available for hire. Allow our professionals to develop the project of your dreams.

What is Angular?
Angular is a powerful JavaScript application architecture design pattern released in 2009 to enable more interactive web applications. This cross-compatible framework runs on any browser or platform, offering consistent functionality with built-in tools and ensuring the components are flexible, robust, and reliable.

For businesses looking for a professional solution, Angular offers a highly reliable, flexible, and consistent platform that ensures a new level of interactivity.
What makes Angular apps better than any others?
Angular is a powerful, modern, and incredible technology that can create attractive user interfaces and enhance web application development's usability, ease, and speed. It is supported across multiple platforms, including web, mobile, and native desktop, and is highly customizable when integrated with other libraries for web development projects. For businesses, Angular presents an invaluable opportunity to streamline their development services and benefit from greater efficiency.
What are the advantages of Angular development?
Angular offers businesses a range of benefits thanks to its high-quality code, component-based architecture, and support from Google. Reusability, readability, and code maintainability are improved with TypeScript, providing better tooling and greater scalability. Additionally, the robust ecosystem of Angular has a wide range of support, making it an excellent choice for businesses.
Can I hire as many Angular developers as I need?
Of course. At our Angular development company, you can have the complete project developed, source a specialized team to take on specific app components or add one or more professionals to their current team. Find the option that best meets your needs.