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Cross-platform app development

Cross-platform applications are programs that are developed in a general programming language and then compiled or exported to work on any platform or device. This means that the code for them needs to be written only once, which shortens the time-to-market period accelerating the profit-making.

At Chudovo, we strive to provide your customers with top-notch user experiences on all mobile devices.

The team members of Chudovo constantly improve their skills to provide clients with high-class state-of-the-art app development.

We develop easily adaptable cross platform apps to deliver an app that fits any user`s system of choice. With applications developed in a cross platform way, you can shorten the time-to-market period, approximating the revenue-making.

The offer within the application market is very diverse, and to make an application stand out, it is necessary to achieve a good integration between software and hardware that a multiplatform application can offer.

Our company offers application development focused on transparency and trusted partnerships.

Does Cross-Platform Mobile App Development suit your product?

Cross-platform app development is a perfect choice, if:

  • You want to get your mobile app on the market as soon as possible.

  • The main target is reaching out to a bigger audience at a minimum. cost

  • You wish to test the app idea building an MVP with less time and effort.

  • The application doesn’t need to have complex animation and calculations.

  • You already have a website and want to complement it with a mobile app based on it.

  • The app is simple enough not to utilize all smartphone’s computing power.
Why Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?
The ability to use the same application on different devices
The ability to use the same application on different devices
Users prefer applications, the features and the UI and UX of which are familiar and the same on all the devices they own. It is easy to achieve with cross-platform mobile app development, giving your users the possibility to enjoy the familiar application regardless of the device that is currently in their use.
Single source code
Single source code
The single source code is one of the most successful practices of application development. It is also reusable which will ease the life of developers, making them eligible to use this code in their further advancements of the application.
Faster launch of the application on the market
Faster launch of the application on the market
As there is no necessity to develop different apps for each platform, programmers can develop and publish the applications on several app stores at the same time. Cross-platform apps allow the same base code to be adapted to the necessary platforms, thus speeding up the development process of an app for the audience using Android, iOS, or another system simultaneously and on time.
Products that are easy to maintain
Products that are easy to maintain
The bug fixes are barely avoidable, as well as multiple further improvements. Doing this for multiple applications on different platforms of the same business sounds like a script for a horror movie. Such work is not feasible, but with cross-platform application development, you can mostly avoid it, having a single code to focus on at your hand. It eases the way to deploy bug fixes and shortens the number of tests.
Simple to implement
Simple to implement
Several technologies offer solutions for cross-platform applications allowing the developers to change them like child play. As an example, an app developer can write code in NODE.js and then convert it for use on different platforms. It means that the developers don’t have to spend time researching the previously unknown platforms but use the codes they already know instead and just convert them for their ease.
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9 Tools for Cross-Platform App Development
In 2017, Google launched Flutter: an advanced cross-platform app framework. As a software development kit, it facilitates the rapid development of Android and iOS applications and is essential for creating Google Fuschia apps. Developers have access to Flutter's versatile capabilities, allowing them to produce apps that run efficiently and dynamically across multiple platforms. It is straightforward to learn and also simple to integrate with other systems. Furthermore, Flutter's quick development process enables businesses to create apps rapidly and efficiently, saving valuable time. Overall, Flutter is a reliable and comprehensive tool for creating cross-platform applications. It is an ideal framework for businesses, allowing them to develop apps quickly and effectively.
Ionic framework is an advanced, cross-platform app development tool based on AngularJS that enables businesses to create powerful user-centric applications and unique user interfaces. First released in 2013, Ionic was built using Apache Cordova and AngularJS. With Ionic, companies can create innovative and powerful apps for their customers and employees. Consumers remain highly engaged in Ionic programs due to their appealing user interfaces. As a cross-platform app framework, Ionic is a popular choice for Progressive Web App (PWA) development, delivering native-like applications. It is a valuable asset for businesses looking to provide engaging user experiences.
NativeScript is a robust, free JavaScript-based cross-platform framework that offers a comprehensive online library of plugins for various applications. It boasts a visually appealing, platform-native user interface without needing WebViews. With NativeScript, businesses and developers can access native iOS and Android APIs without learning new native development languages, while the UI can be tailored to specific devices and displays. Third-party solutions are no longer needed, as NativeScript handles the adaptation of the code across platforms. In short, NativeScript offers a reliable, professional solution for businesses, saving time and money in the development process.
React Native
Businesses are increasingly turning to ReactNative to create hybrid mobile apps of the future. Developed in 2013, ReactNative is a comprehensive framework for building cross-platform programs. It offers a near-native user experience, providing excellent reliability and performance. As two of the most popular frameworks for mobile app development, ReactNative and Ionic are often compared. While experts agree that Ionic offers superior UI and performance, ReactNative provides a more reliable experience. It makes it a desirable option for organizations looking to develop professional and effective mobile apps. With its potential for the future, ReactNative is one of the best hybrid mobile app development frameworks available. For businesses looking for a professional and reliable solution for their mobile app development needs, ReactNative is increasingly becoming the go-to choice.

Xamarin by Microsoft is one of the most popular cross-platform development tools for creating exceptional mobile applications for any operating system. It is an open-source platform that allows companies to extract efficiencies and improve them regularly, making it the best choice for businesses to develop multi-platform apps. Xamarin's ability to build code for various platforms using a single C# codebase makes it a professional and efficient approach to multi-platform mobile app development. With Xamarin, businesses can create reliable and exceptional mobile apps for their consumers, no matter the operating system.
Sencha Touch
Sencha Touch is a professional-grade cross-platform app development framework released in 2010. It is one of the few frameworks that allow developers to create native applications for multiple operating systems at the same time while preserving the look and feel of each platform. Sencha Touch is built on the cutting-edge standards of CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5, making it compatible with iOS, Android, Blackberry, Tyzen, and many other systems. The powerful layout manager of Sencha Touch makes designing and presenting data and content effortless. It is optimized to work across multiple platforms and offers unique advantages such as fluid animations, flexible design, and smooth scrolling for a superior user experience. With these capabilities, Sencha Touch is an excellent choice for businesses seeking an advanced mobile application development platform.

Adobe PhoneGap
PhoneGap is a powerful Cordova framework distribution supported by Adobe. Its open-source mobile app development framework is renowned for its simplicity, making it the most sought-after tool for creating hybrid solutions. This framework allows businesses to utilize HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to create their mobile apps and access native plugins and containers for each platform, including the camera, microphone, accelerometer, compass, and file system. By leveraging these tools, businesses can enhance their mobile applications with additional features and device capabilities.
Appcelerator is a powerful platform for developing cross-platform mobile applications. It is an open source platform with 90% code sharing. Appcelerator focuses on accelerating time to market for cross-platform apps. It uses a single JavaScript codebase for its applications and supports real-time mobile analytics. The Appcelerator environment is open and extensible and allows you to build apps for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry, as well as HTML5 and hybrid apps.
Node.JS is a V8-based cross-platform app framework that has revolutionized the use of JavaScript, allowing for the more straightforward development of server-side network applications. Its ability to convert JavaScript into machine code rather than byte code makes app creation highly efficient and enhances the responsiveness of mobile applications. This feature, combined with its vast library of JavaScript modules, enables it to manage multiple concurrent connections, making it an invaluable tool for business.
Our Cross-Platform App Development Process
Developing and planning an application strategy
Design of an application
Development of an application
Mobile QA Testing
Releasing the app and its improvements
Developing and planning an application strategy
Chudovo’s custom approach to mobile apps grants to create apps accordant to the lives of your probable user base. Before we start developing an application, you answer the list of questions that helps to get a clear vision of the implemented idea in an MVP or a newly developed mobile app from scratch.
Design of an application
Acknowledging the limitations of cross-platform development, our developers create the UI/UX that will be similar to the native experience as much as technically possible. We develop clickable prototypes to experience the future app by bringing the layouts together with the creation of the style guides to introduce a solution where each button answers the definite request of a user.
Development of an application
Along with engineering your app, we set up the backends and implement APIs and integrations with different systems. In this phase, we elaborate on the architecture of the software aligning it with the initially requested design and features.
Mobile QA Testing
Before the app is released, we polish it with broad QA testing at every possible level. While we do that, we find and fix issues, and tweak the app’s functionality. A thorough QA phase saves your time and monetary resources diverting any probable issues that could lead to major malfunctions and therefore, loss of the audience’s loyalty.
Releasing the app and its improvements
After the app has been released, we don’t leave you alone, supporting you within the pathway of its further enhancements after the application’s proper deployment at the app stores. We provide you with open-ended enhancements and continuing support to implement the unfolded set of application functions.
Benefits of Cross-Platform App Development
Cross-platform development is an essential solution for businesses looking to quickly achieve a competitive edge in today's market due to the increasing cost of per-platform development and the need for swift time to market. The professional and experienced team can create a versatile environment that reduces development time, prices, and maintenance.
Maximum Exposure to the Target Audience
Utilizing a mobile cross-platform development strategy allows businesses to create an app that can be deployed across multiple platforms, including the web. This approach enables firms to maximize their reach by making a single app that can be utilized on both the iOS and Android platforms.
Cross-Platform Scalability
The advantage of sharing a centralized application business logic and utilizing up to 80% code reuse to simultaneously target mobile Apple and Android, smart TVs, and even smart watches are transparent for businesses. It allows for improved efficiency and reaches, allowing companies to maximize profitability and reach more customers.
Quicker App Time-to-market
Cross-platform apps provide businesses with a 20-40% time-saving and resource-efficient solution to creating and deploying apps to app stores. Compared to the two native solutions, cross-platform apps are faster to develop and deploy, requiring far fewer resources.
Reduced App Development Costs
Cross-platform app development can help businesses save on project costs while offering robust end-product functionality and native-like user interfaces. This cost-effective solution allows companies to focus their resources on other important tasks.
Industries We Serve
Fintech App Development

Reimagine your business users’ payment, purchasing, and investment experience with fully scalable, next-generation financial applications. Unlock new potential with technology designed to help you keep up with today’s rapidly changing marketplace. Build with confidence, knowing you have a solution that will meet your customers’ needs.


Enhance your business’ insurance processes with cutting-edge applications that offer a streamlined user experience on all current platforms and devices. Reap the benefits of increased efficiency and security with our innovative solutions.

Retail App Development \ E-commerce.

Disrupt online e-commerce by introducing revolutionary virtual store applications with 3D product displays to bridge the gap between the virtual and physical worlds. You can leverage this technology to gain a competitive edge and stand out in the industry. Professional yet innovative, this solution is set to revolutionize the e-commerce space.

Logistics App Development

Cross-platform apps provide an affordable, cost-effective solution for the transportation industry to achieve sustainable growth. These apps bring greater transparency and trust to suppliers and distributors, making it easier and more reliable for businesses to conduct their operations.

Media and Entertainment App Development

At CHUDOVO, we specialize in creating customized media and entertainment mobile applications that help businesses stand out and make their brand a household name. Our experienced team of professionals will ensure that your mobile app offers a unique experience that sets it apart from the competition. We understand the importance of developing a successful Android application for businesses. Our approach is tailored to meet your business goals, and we offer our product expertise, motivation, and flexibility to work toward your success. We take your goals seriously and strive for the best outcomes.


We provide hospitals with professional customized healthcare applications to help them address the difficulties of technological transformation in daily and large-scale operations on any platform, enabling them to stay competitive in the ever-evolving business landscape.


Enhance student productivity and improve the learning experience with high-performing Cross-Platform apps built to automate mundane tasks. This state-of-the-art technology offers businesses a professional way to maximize efficiency and keep up with the competition.


CHUDOVO specializes in optimizing existing solutions and creating new packages, using advanced technologies and innovative approaches to ensure the highest level of security. We provide businesses with reliable solutions to bolster their applications’ security, efficiency, scalability, and flexibility. Our experienced team of professionals can help you maximize the potential of your applications and drive success.

What is cross-platform mobile app development?
This approach enables businesses to create mobile apps compatible with multiple operating systems, such as Android and iOS, instead of creating separate apps for each platform. It offers businesses a cost-effective solution for deploying mobile apps across multiple platforms.
Which development approach to choosing if the budget is limited?
Choosing cross-platform mobile application development can be a cost-effective solution for businesses working with limited budgets. By creating one app compatible with multiple platforms, companies can save a significant amount of time and money by not hiring two teams of developers. This professional approach to mobile application development ensures businesses can make the most of their resources.
What are some examples of cross-platform apps?
Cross-platform app development is becoming increasingly popular amongst significant companies, enabling the development of popular apps such as Facebook, Uber Eats, Shopify, Tesla, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Assistant, eBay, Groupon, Alibaba, and many more. This approach covers mobile app development and extends to desktop, laptop, TV, and wearable app development. As a business, this provides an excellent opportunity to tap into new markets, increase customer engagement, and drive revenue. Professional cross-platform app development can help your business reach its potential.
Is cross-platform app development worth it?
Cross-platform app development technology allows businesses of any size to create reliable, smooth-running, and visually appealing solutions for their business challenges. However, this approach may not always be the fastest or offer the most native UI/UX experience, and thus can be more expensive than other options. That's why it's essential to consult a professional before making decisions.
What is a cross platform framework?
Developers use cross-platform app frameworks to create apps that can run on multiple platforms with minimal changes to the code. This contrasts native development, which requires separate coding for each platform. Businesses can benefit from this cost-efficient and time-saving approach, allowing them to launch their apps quickly and seamlessly across multiple operating systems.
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