Maximize your company's efficiency by creating sophisticated applications with Flutter app development. Implementing this technology can help you streamline your business processes, allowing you to work smarter and more effectively. Make the most of your professional resources and take your business to the next level.
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Flutter Development Service

The innovative open-source UI software development kit, Flutter, opened many business opportunities in 2018. At Chudovo, our team of experienced professionals deeply understands the healthcare, financial technology, media, and entertainment sectors. It can provide tailored Flutter development solutions that meet each client's needs and requirements.

We provide professional support and a cost-effective solution for developing a fully-functional cross-platform application that meets all your business needs.
Our codebase is written to the highest standards and is designed to be implemented quickly and efficiently. With Chudovo, you can trust that your business will benefit from the latest technology.

Our Chudovo studio will help you create a Flutter mobile cross-platform application tailored to your business needs. We will ensure the application is user-friendly and that its development and testing are quick and easy.

Our goal is to observe how quickly and smoothly the application works, giving you the golden mean in terms of time and quality. Our professional approach guarantees a high-quality product in a reasonable timeframe.

Widgets are the main thing in Flutter

Flutter is a powerful and efficient platform developed and maintained by Google that enables the development of mobile and web applications with a single code base. It is part of the latest multi-platform technology, becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses.

With its modern, reactive framework and Dart programming language, Flutter is your go-to tool for creating native, cross-platform apps with fast and reliable performance. It offers a smooth development process and enables a consistent, multi-channel user experience for mobile and web applications.

For those looking for a professional and efficient way to develop mobile and web applications, Flutter provides a reliable, one-stop solution.

Our app's user interface is developed using a combination of different widgets containing structural, stylistic, layout components, and more. These widgets are our customized versions, which are specifically designed to look native on both Android (Material Design) and iOS (Cupertino) platforms.

Flutter app design services
We specialize in designing Flutter apps with fast design speeds and robust structures. Our Flutter app development services will help your business create efficient, easy-to-navigate apps with stunning visual appeal and a smooth user experience. Our experienced team will ensure your Flutter app succeeds and delights your users.
Flutter app upgrade
Flutter app upgrade
We can assist your business in migrating to the newest version of Flutter, ensuring business continuity, enhanced security, and improved performance. Our professional team will provide a seamless transition, allowing you to benefit from the latest technological advancements.
Support and maintenance
Support and maintenance
Our engagement models for support and maintenance services assure businesses of application u time, improved quality of apps, and fewer errors. Utilizing our professional services will ensure a secure and reliable environment for your business.
App Store/Google Play Compliance
App Store/Google Play Compliance
With Chudovo's Flutter Consulting and Support, businesses can confidently ensure their app's store compliance and launch, allowing for a smooth and successful launch and optimization. Our professional team provides the expertise and guidance needed to ensure compliance and achieve desired outcomes.
Flutter QA and Testing
Flutter QA and Testing
Our services provide comprehensive QA infrastructure setup and testing to ensure the optimal performance of your Flutter solutions. Our experienced team of professionals will ensure the correct functioning of your Flutter application, giving you peace of mind. Our services are the ultimate choice for businesses looking to maximize their investments.
Flutter Security Services
Flutter Security Services
Chudovo's Flutter developers are professional experts in cyber security, equipped with a thorough understanding of Apple security policies. Our highly-skilled team offers businesses the highest levels of security, safeguarding their data and information from potential risks. Our expertise ensures businesses can remain secure and confident in their data protection.
We specialize in designing Flutter apps with fast design speeds and robust structures. Our Flutter app development services will help your business create efficient, easy-to-navigate apps with stunning visual appeal and a smooth user experience. Our experienced team will ensure your Flutter app succeeds and delights your users.
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Our Flutter App Development Services
Flutter consulting services
Our professional Flutter consultants can help evaluate your current setup and create custom Flutter applications that can unlock a transformative business strategy. Getting started on the right track is essential for success; let us assist you in setting up a successful Flutter experience for your business.
Cross-platform app development
Our Flutter developers possess extensive knowledge and expertise in developing secure, reliable, and first-class Android and iOS web and mobile applications. It provides businesses with high-performance solutions and an outstanding user experience.
Advanced and native app development
Flutter provides businesses with the flexibility to create native-like experiences. Our experienced Flutter developers can quickly integrate local device features to help deliver an engaging, professional app.
Advantages of developing a Flutter application
Flutter by Google is an advanced cross-platform application development technology that offers businesses the same quality and user experience as native applications while saving resources on development. Advantages of developing a Flutter application:
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    The mobile app can be deployed across multiple platforms simultaneously, making it an excellent choice for businesses. This powerful, professional solution will streamline operations and maximize efficiency.
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    Fewer lines of code
    Developing different program codes for iOS and Android platforms is no longer necessary. It can help businesses save time and money, streamlining their development process.
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    Prompt changes
    We can modify the code and observe the results in the application right away. This is a valuable benefit for businesses, allowing them to make changes quickly and professionally.
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    User interface
    Flutter offers a consistent look and feel across Android and iOS platforms, enabling business users to develop a unified user experience. With customizable widgets, Flutter supports 24 languages, currencies, dates, and units of measurement, providing businesses with the flexibility to build applications that meet their needs. Professional and efficient development is also guaranteed with Flutter's reliable architecture.
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    Performance improvement
    Flutter is a robust framework that helps businesses create apps with a consistent look and feel across Android and iOS platforms. It offers customizable widgets and supports 24 languages and built-in currencies, dates, and units of measurement. With Flutter, businesses can ensure a unified and professional representation of their products.
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    Specific functions: payments, subscriptions, microtransactions
    Flutter offers businesses a comprehensive API allowing them to interact with cell phone cameras and geolocation and process payments, subscriptions, and microtransactions. Additionally, the API can be configured for integrations, allowing businesses to streamline their operations better.
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    Fewer development costs
    Flutter allows businesses to launch mobile applications with a cost-effective budget, as one codebase is developed for two platforms simultaneously. Companies can save on development costs and launch their mobile apps quickly.
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    Faster market entry
    Flutter allows businesses to launch applications quickly and cost-effectively with less time and resources. Unlike native app development, Flutter enables faster and more efficient deployment, helping companies to reach their goals.
What stages does the development of mobile applications include?

Drawing up a technical specification:
Engineering and design


Launching in stores:


The stage requires professional collection and analysis of analytical data, including information on a target audience, demand, competitors, and market analysis, specifically for businesses.
Drawing up a technical specification:
The technical specification outlines application functions, interface, and security requirements, as well as the method of implementation and budget allocation, to assist businesses in making informed decisions.
Engineering and design
A professional application prototype is developed by breaking down the functional components and creating an individualized procedure. It allows businesses to develop solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Flutter is a language designed explicitly for creating cross-platform mobile applications, allowing businesses to develop a single application suitable for multiple operating systems. This time-saving tool enables companies to bring their products to the broadest possible audience, streamlining the development process and allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business.

After developing the application, the team will thoroughly test its functions and refine it as needed to ensure that it meets its business objectives. Any bugs that are identified will be promptly addressed to ensure optimal performance.
Launching in stores:
Once the application is ready, it can be found and available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Businesses can take advantage of this opportunity, granting them access to a wide range of professional tools and services.

After the application launch in stores, technical support continues to be provided for businesses, ensuring a professional level of support.

The Main features

Using Flutter, businesses can develop an app more quickly as they only need to write a single code for Android and iOS. It eliminates the need for two separate codes and provides a highly efficient user experience across both platforms. Flutter comes with a comprehensive range of widgets that adhere to Material Design, Google's open system, which provides all the necessary features for native app implementation, such as navigation, scrolling, and images.

Fast Coding
Flutter's capabilities enable business users to quickly and effectively build efficient user interfaces without requiring unnecessary steps.
Explicit Themes and Adaptive design
Flutter provides powerful tools for businesses to create adaptive and responsive designs for Android and iOS with various themes. With its easy-to-implement system, companies can ensure that their apps look beautiful on every screen they target, providing a professional look and feel across all platforms.
Widgets are the building blocks for a hierarchical structure in the Flutter framework, allowing businesses to create without compromise. With hundreds of pre-made and customizable visuals, layouts, platforms, and interactive widgets in the SDK, companies can create powerful applications with a professional tone.
Growing Community
Flutter is an easily accessible, highly efficient technology with and growing knowledge base, all supported by a strong and dedicated community, making it an excellent choice for businesses. Its quick learning curve and professional support make it a great choice for companies looking to stay ahead of the competition.
Easy-To-Find Sets
Businesses can benefit from using open-source libraries for various applications, such as presenting pictures, creating HTTP applications, and distributing content. These libraries can be invaluable resources for businesses that need powerful yet cost-effective solutions. With the support of a professional team, these libraries can provide businesses with the tools they need to succeed.
Hot Reload
Flutter provides a powerful, built-in Hot Reload feature that allows businesses to make changes quickly and see the results in real time without having to install additional plugins or lose their work progress. This time-saving, professional tool will enable businesses to iterate and develop their projects efficiently.
IDE support
Build Flutter apps quickly by leveraging your favorite professional editors like VSCode or Android Studio. Enhance your workflow with plugins and integrated dev tooling to create a seamless development experience for your business.
Flutter's popularity among enterprises is on the rise globally. Many companies use this framework to deliver native-looking experiences on iOS and Android platforms, enhancing their brands. Other companies are implementing Flutter components into their existing products to expand or improve their functionality. Flutter developers are meeting their initial expectations and providing enterprises with extras that exceed them. Here is a professional overview of the business benefits offered by the framework:
Cost optimization is an important goal for every business. With Flutter, companies can save more on development than native solutions, as they don't have to pay twice for two separate teams working with two platform-specific technologies. Flutter enables the creation of one application for multiple platforms, thus reducing costs on human resources and shortening development time. Professional business owners should consider the cost-efficiency of Flutter for their projects and ensure that their budget can accommodate it.
Fast Time-to-Market
Constructing a native app can be challenging, especially with having two separate teams for iOS and Android working harmoniously to meet a release deadline. Utilizing Flutter, one unified team can operate across platforms, enabling a faster time-to-market. Other cross-platform solutions may offer this advantage, yet Flutter stands out by accelerating the process by 20-50%. This is achieved through its efficient toolkit, faster-rendering engine, and the Dart language, designed explicitly for cross-platform coding. Businesses can benefit from this enhancement, which could revolutionize their product launch.
Expressive & User-Friendly UI
Businesses should prioritize creating an attractive user interface to maximize user engagement. The Flutter framework provides developers with a comprehensive set of visually appealing widgets which are easy to use and modify. The Flutter team is committed to consistently enhancing the widget system based on community feedback to make applications more visually appealing. Utilizing these tools ensures that people enjoy the aesthetic experience of the application and are encouraged to use it more frequently.
Native Feel and Performance
Developers can create fast, responsive apps with glitch-free graphics running at native speed on mobile devices with Skia 2D graphics library. By leveraging Dart and compiling ahead of time, businesses can ensure their applications are running at close-to-native operational speed, unaffected by server requests, file handling, or platform API.
Chudovo's custom Flutter app development services offer businesses more flexibility, design, and power to upgrade to the next level. Our experienced professionals will help you create custom applications that meet your unique business needs and enhance your competitive edge. With Flutter, you can build applications tailored to your individual needs and gain a competitive advantage. Take your business to the next level with Chudovo today.

Digitalizing learning and contributing to innovation in the domain is possible with our development of apps built with Flutter. Our apps have smooth scrolling and transitions, perfect for journaling and educational content, meeting your organization’s specific requirements.
We offer scalable e-learning and educational software designed to suit the needs of businesses and give them the professional solutions they need.


For businesses looking to expand their operations, testing is essential for fintech and banking applications. Flutter’s ability to quickly and effectively cover all aspects of testing accelerates the development process and ensures no bugs or errors are permitted. Flutter app development provides the opportunity to create native automated tests with Dart and cover all types of tests.

Secure wallets, virtual payment systems, fast data withdrawal, and accurate analysis can all be achieved with great software, helping businesses increase their income. Choose a professional and reliable route by utilizing Flutter’s efficient testing capabilities.


We provide professional solutions to help businesses optimize their logistics and inventory process. Our custom-built applications provide robust tracking of loads, locations, and inventory, allowing enterprises to resolve any issues quickly. Our services enable businesses to streamline their operations and reduce their costs.

Healthcare & Life Science

We offer professional medical software solutions for businesses tailored to their needs. Our services help create customer-centric, flexible, and intelligent healthcare by developing apps for tracking healthy activities and managing healthcare workflow and patient data. Our software will enable you to reach a higher level of healthcare efficiency.

Retail App Development

As the e-commerce sector rapidly develops, businesses seek innovative solutions to reach their customers. Flutter has the potential to revolutionize the market and help reduce costs.
For online shops, the main objective is to increase sales; this is where attractive UI and smooth animations come into play. Flutter app development can offer a consistent appearance across multiple platforms, a flexible system of customizable components and widgets, and a constant number of frames per second.
For businesses, investing in Flutter app development is an ideal way to maximize profits and create a professional and appealing look for customers.

Media & Entertainment App Development

Flutter web leverages two renderers to bring businesses the highest quality visual display and performance. By deploying HTML and CanvasKit, developers can showcase images and animations with maximum impact.
Additionally, users can use ProMotion and its 120Hz capabilities to develop seamless user experiences.


Flutter enables businesses to benefit from the latest security technologies, such as Touch ID, Face ID, and fingerprint scanners. Furthermore, Flutter’s Platform Channels facilitate seamless data exchange with native languages, while its comprehensive libraries allow companies to access device hardware such as microphones, cameras, and GPS chips.

Why should I choose Flutter over native app development?
Flutter is a robust app development framework that can help businesses reduce the time-to-market (TTM) and reach a broader target audience. It follows the "write once, run twice" approach, significantly decreasing development time and cost. Moreover, maintaining a Flutter app is much easier and more efficient than maintaining a native app.

The Dart 2.2 SDK, included in Flutter, can help businesses improve the performance of their apps. Additionally, the Hot Reload feature enables faster bug fixing, saving time and avoiding the need to rebuild the entire project. Finally, the code size of business apps can be reduced, as Flutter self-contains all assets.

In conclusion, businesses can significantly benefit from using the Flutter framework for app development thanks to its advanced features, improved performance, and ease of maintenance.

Businesses can save time and money by selecting the Flutter cross-platform framework for app development. Flutter provides a straightforward solution for creating state-of-the-art apps, allowing for fast and trouble-free development.
What type of apps can be built with Flutter?
Flutter app development provides businesses with a comprehensive solution for creating powerful, interactive, and attractive apps for multiple platforms with a single codebase. It enables enterprises to develop their apps simultaneously on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Web, Google's Fuschia, and Linux. Flutter's feature-rich framework allows businesses to quickly and easily create apps of any genre, such as gaming apps, on-demand apps, and those leveraging machine learning (ML). Many brands are now using Flutter for modern app development.

At its core, Flutter allows businesses to create brand-first designs and is the perfect platform for building feature-rich, cross-platform apps. With its ability to develop multiple apps with a single codebase, companies can save time and resources while expanding their user base.
Is it too expensive to develop an application in Flutter?
Creating a mobile application using Flutter is typically around half the cost of developing a basic app with native technology. This cost-effective cross-platform approach saves money when compared to native app development. Moreover, the maintenance of Flutter applications is typically less, allowing businesses to maintain their apps with a minimal budget.

Whether you are creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or a full-scale app for Google or iOS, Flutter can bring the overall app development and maintenance expenses down by up to 60%. Businesses should consider this cost-effective approach to mobile app creation when factoring in the complexity of features, design, maintenance and support, and integrations.
How much time does it take to develop an application using Flutter?
Creating an app that works on iOS and Android using Flutter is a complex process and can take time depending on various factors, such as the complexity and type of requirements. The development journey consists of multiple stages, each requiring a different timespan.

Businesses looking to create an app with Flutter should be aware of the different stages involved in the process, which include:

• Forming ideas

• Design sprints

• Development

• Testing

• Deployment on stores

Flutter's capability to create apps on numerous platforms using a single codebase can significantly reduce development time - enabling businesses to develop a cross-platform app rapidly. With Flutter, the first step of making complex decisions is eliminated - streamlining the entire process. Flutter is an ideal tool for developers and businesses looking for a time-efficient solution.
Can I migrate my existing app into Flutter?
Business owners can easily migrate their existing applications to the Flutter platform without making any changes. By integrating Flutter as a module or library, you can quickly and professionally convert your native app to Flutter. Here are some cases where converting your existing apps to Flutter should be considered:

• When you are completely redesigning an existing app in either Android or iOS

• When you are entirely releasing an update due to technical issues

• When you are adding a new feature to your apps to make them fully functional

Migrating your legacy business apps to Flutter is a great way to ensure a consistent look and feel for your apps while giving you access to the benefits of a true cross-platform. At the same time, Flutter can help you stay ahead of the competition by creating beautiful, feature-rich apps. It will help you offer your customers and end-users the best features. Professional and reliable, Flutter is an excellent choice for businesses looking to take their apps to the next level.
We can help you to build Flutter-based apps.