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How to Hire an Angular Developer

How to Hire an Angular Developer: Most Common Mistakes and Complete Guide

Angular Developers are among the most sought-after IT professionals in the current times. The Angular developer is a JavaScript coding language developer who has knowledge of software engineering. Angular developers mainly work on the software based on the client-side. In fact, they are the people who one has to contact to extract third-party data from an external source.

In other words, Angular developers are the connecting dots from the backend developers to the client-end software. Angular developers are the reason we enjoy applications as they are user-friendly. Angular developers are involved in unit testing during the development phase. They are also responsible for providing the client with hassle-free software within a limited period of time. Clearly, the job of the Angular developer is well cut-out, yet multifaceted. In this article, you will get to know all about hiring a good Angular developer, with complete details.

Are Angular Developers in Demand?

There are certain coding languages that make writing software codes convenient and the end-product feature-rich. JavaScript is also one of them. The Angular developer is the one who uses this language and builds front-end software. Therefore, companies are always in search of the skilled Angular developer – a person who has deep knowledge and the ability to code freely.

In most cases, the Angular development company looks to hire a developer who is an efficient and proactive programmer because of the high scalability. In this rapidly developing IT industry, interactive web applications play a major role in the market. To meet this requirement, every Angular development company is doing everything possible to hire the best Angular Developer. However, due to the shortage of skilled manpower, developers with modern JavaScript knowledge are highly in demand and the need keeps increasing as the technology is updating from time to time. Not all developers are capable of completing the given task at a given period of time. There are only a few people who can and are willing to work with the company rather than work for the company.

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The Angular Developer Job Market

Since the Angular developer is a front-end engineer his role is quite important in the market. Unlike other JavaScript frameworks, Angular developers should be able to do the work in an ‘Angular’ way which has its own set of rules and regulations which makes the developer efficiently use the framework for the robust development of the software.

The Angular Development Company hires the Angular developer who is well versed with Angular-based projects and can easily develop any critical web application within tight timelines. The primary focus of a developer is to implement a complete user interface without losing focus on performance. They may also have the responsibility of ensuring high performance, delivering a complete front-end application to the client, unit testing, document JavaScript, and coordination between the backend developers for a smooth flow of operation.

Further, they also have the responsibility to provide the agreed project as per the user’s choice and time. They must understand the end-user point of view and be able to bring assigned teammates into their perspective and take them forward with the same goal altogether.

What are the skills required for the Angular developer?

The Angular development company or a client always has this question: why should we hire the Angular developer from you? Back in the days, there was a time when even a single skill would be enough to hire a developer and ensure a long time job in the Angular development company but now in this fast-growing world every day the developer should be acquiring new skills and coming up with more and more productive work. Some of the skills the Angular developer should know are:

  • NPM (Node Package Manager) is an important tool that is used to install thousands of client-side web applications or packages;
  • RxJS is also one of the most important skills one has to possess to make HTTP data request from the framework;
  • One should have come across TypeScript as it supports strong JavaScript typing;
  • Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) makes the process easier and ensures that your app will adhere to accepted best practices in software development. It helps to add new components, modules, and services to an existing app and result in saving a huge amount of time;
  • One must have a complete knowledge of HTML and CSS which helps to deliver a beautifully designed project swiftly. Though angular provides building blocks but only through HTML and CSS one can build user interfaces effectively.

By thinking about the goals of the end-user and also by taking into consideration whether the application being built can fulfill the upcoming demands in the daily workflow.

What to look for when hiring the Angular developer?

To hire a developer from the Angular development company, the business has to keep in mind that the employee must possess advanced knowledge about Angular and JavaScript and should also have a practice of being updated as the technology improves on a daily basis. He has to be aware of the new techniques or the code which are currently being practiced in the market. The Angular developer must have basic skills and should be aware of stability, code consistency, modularity, flexible routing, and so on.

Angular development company can only hire the Angular developer when he/she are able to carry on their common duties which include bug fixing, APIs and data sourcing and working with CSS when needed. Not only understanding the requirements of a user the developer should be able to provide his own inputs to the project making it more efficient and flexible.

Angular Required Skills

The main skills required to hire the Angular developer are coding JavaScript and writing programs on the Angular framework. Starting with the app’s basic functionality is the general skill required for Angular. Some of the skills include moderate knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, basic model view controller concepts,JavaScript functions, and mainly error handling.

The logic behind programming is one of the main skills as it helps the Angular developer build a strong base of web programming and angular framework of JavaScript. jQuery concepts that are driven from jQuery are also quite an important skill required for Angular.

Angular Experience

A good Angular developer is one who has at least two years of experience in a reputed company or a major project. Not only having experience of working in Angular development but also having experience working under pressure and within the time limit is the main component companies looking for the developer.

Angular development companies hire Angular developers when they have the experience to handle a group of people and encourage them to move towards a common goal because a team consists of various developers having different views on the project’s design or workflow and he/she must be able to cope up with the challenges on a daily basis.

Programmers having strong experience in building highly secured and robust software are valued high in the market. They should also be able to provide a proper friendly environment to the workers in their team and be flexible so that when there is a requirement in the job they should be ready to work at 100% interest and through experience one can acquire such practices in their professional lives.

Where to find Angular developers?

A competent and experienced Angular developer is hard to find in the market these days. There are many platforms on the internet that make the job of finding a developer easy, when companies are hiring the developers they carry out several stages of interviews and by providing proper training they are including one other gem to their team. To hire Angular developers, they can be found easily from the educational organization by selecting them directly. Through proper nurture, they can be the best developer compared to others. Of all the Angular development companies present in the market, very few are genuine and can acquire quality developers in the industry. Chudovo is one of the leading organizations that you can count upon, for your need of hiring Angular developers.

How to hire the best Angular developer?

To hire Angular developers for the company is a very difficult job and to hire an Angular developer who is best in his field is even more hectic as quality developers are very hard to find. To hire a developer the company has to conduct interviews on many levels and by asking questions such as why should we hire you for an angular developer can bring out a variety of opportunities and know what programming knowledge he/she possesses, carry on coding tests, test communication skills and hold a group discussion to check whether they are capable of passing every test in flying colors.

Not only do knowledge and skills provide a proper asset to the company but also the developer should have a proactive attitude towards learning new things and be able and ready to train others of what he knows. They should have a friendly and pleasing personality toward the clients and colleagues during their working hours and outside professional lives. The person must be well qualified to meet the Angular development company requirements. The hirer should make sure the employee is from a decent background and does not hold any criminal records and can work flexibly at any hour. Sounds like too much of a task? Well, That’s where Chudovo comes in! We have technically strong Angular developers, hired after following a rigorous hiring process and thorough background checks. And guess what? We are here to help you with your business projects, and you can hire Angular developers offshore from us.

Most Common Mistakes while Hiring an Angular Developer

While hiring an angular developer, companies make several common mistakes like,

  • Overlooking the hire’s past experience and kind of projects worked upon;
  • Only concentrating on the person’s technical skills, qualifications,s and the knowledge he/she possesses many forget to look at other valuable skills. To hire a developer it should also look into their attitude towards the work, their personality, and behavior with other colleagues and clients;
  • Sourcing candidates from the wrong or limited sources leading to a decline in the overall quality of the prospective hires;
  • Reluctance towards taking the help of a thor-party agency or expert to design conduct the angular hiring process.


Getting a good and reliable Angular developer for your project is not an easy job. But with proper planning and the help of a professional agency, one can hire a quality Angular developer. The hiring could be done not just on account of the candidate’s strengths and skills in the technology but also based on flexibility and ability to work in a team, dedication towards the job, attitude, and work ethics.

Though Angular developers are in great demand, one can hire Angular developers through a smart work, collaboration, proper sourcing, employer branding, and patience. By taking into consideration all the above points we can guarantee that you can hire a perfect employee, who fits into your organization, and has the potential to take your projects and business to newer heights.

One of the topmost companies which are known for technical hiring is none other than Chudovo itself. We not only source and hire the best Angular developers in industry but also train and make them more productive than before.

If you still have any questions feel free to contact us and make the perfect Angular developer hiring strategy for you. Together, we shall grow!

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