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Software Development Costs

A Deep Dive Into the Cost of Software Development

Discover the cost of software development services with us. Our experienced team provides a comprehensive solution that helps you plan, develop, and deploy the perfect software for your business needs. We offer custom pricing based on the complexity of the project and our commitment to quality. Contact us today to learn more about our cost of software development services and how we can help you create the best solution for your business.

Software development is an important part of business operations. A business needs tools and programs to help optimize how they process orders, accept payments, and communicate with their customers. These programs cost money to build and maintain. But how much does software development cost?

When companies want to create a new software program to help them speed up their business operations, expedite payment processing, or build a database of customer information, they turn to software developers who have spent years learning all the ins and outs of various programs and how they work. They can build you a new ecommerce website, or create software programs to help you improve your user experience.

Software developers write code in programming languages such as Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, C, C++, and C#. The language they use to build the software usually determines what their fees are. Other factors include in-demand skills and the number of skilled developers available to work on a company’s project. For example, a freelance developer fluent in C++ will cost more to hire because they are a rare commodity, while WordPress developers are more plentiful.

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Average Cost of Software Development

How easy is it to determine how much software development costs? Not that easy since there is no cut and dry explanation. Ask a software developer and you’ll get their best guess or an average because without knowing what all will go into designing a custom software package, there is no way to estimate it upfront. There would have to be more discussions on what you wanted, your operating budget, and what you needed the software to do. So you can imagine that building a custom software package for every customer will include varying costs.

There are many factors that determine software development pricing. There are a lot of things to consider when estimating costs. It’s not as simple as the typical time vs complexity of the project.

The average costs for small projects (apps) run from $50-75K, medium-sized applications are around $75-200K and large complex projects will run anywhere from $250K and above.This is a general estimation and may be more or less, what your actual cost may be.

Of course, a software application with very few features will be the least expensive, but let’s look at a few of the factors that help determine the average cost of software development.

Things That Factor Into Software Development Pricing

The types of things that factor into pricing software applications. All of these will have an effect on the cost of custom software development rates. Things like platform, project size, UI/UX design will have a big impact on the end result. If your project will be small to medium-size, your software development budget should be able to accommodate projects in that price range.


Chances are, your target audiences are on different platforms, and that means building a different version of the app for web, Android, and iOS. Developing an app for multiple platforms means forking out more for the development fee. You’ll need to hire different teams of developers to work on the different versions of the app.

When developing software applications, you generally need to build versions for web, Android, and iOS because your target market will often be using different platforms. It will cost more to do this, and you may need to hire multiple people to do it. Another less expensive option would be to build it with the capability of being cross platform. A cross-platform app is deployable on both iOS and Android with the same code base. It saves time and works well on simple tasks. A third option would be to build on only one platform and add more versions later as the budget allows.

Type of Software Project

Pricing will be affected by the type of project being created such as a new software application, an upgrade to an existing application, integration of a software application into a management system, or web applications designed for a larger audience.

Project Size

Another factor that can affect software development costs is the size of the project to be created. The larger the project, the more time it will take to complete it, which means a higher cost if you’re being billed per-hour charges. There are typically 4 types of projects or levels. These are:

  • Small projects
  • Medium-sized projects
  • Large projects
  • Custom projects

Small projects. A small project is one with few features and limited uses. It may consist of a few settings and a good UI.

Medium-sized. Medium applications are a bit larger and require a little more work. They may be stand-alone apps or integrated solutions for an existing program. They may be simply classified as mobile applications or web interfaces.

Large applications. As the name suggests, large applications are more complex and may require integration into existing systems. They may also require additional security and other features for advanced functionality.

Custom or Enterprise solutions. This is the highest project level requiring advanced security measures, third-party integration, cross-platform accessibility, and stricter logging credentials. It may be designed with custom features and work seamlessly with other programs.

UI/UX Design

How valuable is the user interface or user experience? Very important if you expect to attract customers to your business. It is necessary to attract and engage customers while they are on your website or using your app. This means using graphic elements like buttons, fonts, icons, and colors to create an eye-catching design.

Having visually stimulating designs and an easy to navigate menu is a valuable component in web design and software development. It may take a bit longer to come up with a design and functions that work best. It takes a lot more effort to ensure that the app is visually pleasing and results in a satisfactory user experience.


Software development is a complex issue.There are two types of web development, namely front-end and back-end. Front-end development is on the client-side and focuses on everything that users can see and engage with. Back-end refers to things on the server-side of things. When a user on the client’s website clicks a button, the app connects to the server and checks for relevant data. Then it returns the expected results back to the user. They both work together for different purposes.


Another factor is quality assurance. This is extremely important for software development. Every component must be thoroughly tested to ensure that it does what is expected. This prevents possible problems later that require bug fixes. Testing adds another layer of credibility to a company’s product.

Other Factors That Affect the Custom Software Development Costs

Software Developers Experience Level

The more experience you have, the higher the price will be. You can expect a senior software developer to charge more per hour than someone less experienced. If you were to hire an experienced software developer you could expect to pay hourly rates of $250 to $300 per hour. These are premium agency prices and the results would be beyond expectation. If you hired someone from a smaller company, the rates would be less.


Location makes a big difference in cost as well. Hiring software developers can be expensive, particularly if you’re based in the US or Western Europe, where the average hourly fee is around $100 per hour. The expensive hourly-rate means your software cost will be higher as well. However, if you were to contact someone in Ukraine, you could get an affordable rate of $45 per hour without sacrificing quality. China and India also have software developers who are knowledgeable but time differences and language barriers may make it difficult to work with them. If you don’t speak the language or their English isn’t particularly fluent, it may be hard to communicate effectively. This should also be a consideration when estimating cost.

Cost Estimation At Chudovo

If you would like to know the average cost of software development at Chudovo, the process is fairly simple. Contact us by phone or on the web and request a pricing quote, and we will come up with a custom estimate for your particular project. If you are agreeable, and the price meets your budget, we can proceed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does software development cost?

  • It depends on a number of factors such as project size, complexity, UI/UX design, location and experience of the developer. All of these factors into software development pricing.

How much do software companies charge per hour?

  • Again, it depends on the level of experience the developer has. Price may vary depending on the size of the company (large agency or small company) and the experience of their staff (entry level, intermediate, expert). Prices may range from $100 – $300 per hour in the US and Europe.

What is the hourly rate for software development?

  • If you hire a software developer from a large agency, you will pay an hourly fee plus the cost of the software package. If they are an expert or senior developer, your costs will be higher than if they were an intermediate level.

What are the software cost factors?

  • Platform
  • Type of project
  • Project size
  • UI/UX design
  • Development
  • Testing

All of these, plus the developer experience and location, factor into your total cost. Different companies will have different pricing, but the structure is usually the same. The only way to get an accurate answer to the question, “how much does it cost to develop software?” is to make a few inquiries and compare pricing between companies of the same size and staff experience. Reach out to us so we can help you with it.

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