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Chudovo offers professional UI/UX analysis and design services to guarantee users a pleasant experience with your software. In addition to meeting market demand, software success relies on a convenient interface, useful functionality, and great user experience.


Chudovo offers UI/UX design consulting services to enhance users' engagement and drive them toward desired actions. By conducting thorough research and analyzing business requirements, UI/UX design helps companies reduce development costs by minimizing post-release changes.
  • Our user experience consulting aims to create a seamless customer journey, understand user emotions, and eliminate potential obstacles. This approach ensures that our design decisions are tailored to meet specific user needs and align with our clients' business goals.
  • Our design team follows the latest UI/UX guidelines and possesses mobile and web UI technologies expertise. Having completed numerous projects for startups and large enterprises, we recognize the crucial role of UI/UX design in integrating user expectations with software and hardware capabilities.
  • We understand the importance of interface and user experience for mobile applications, considering factors like screen resolution and usability limitations. At Chudovo, we cover the entire product development cycle, from conceptualization to visual design, and also offer separate consulting and research services.
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Why Chudovo?

  • Multi-disciplinary team

    Chudovo Visual Unit specializes in UI and UX design services, illustration, 3D, and graphic design. Our team offers senior expertise and execution to deliver exceptional user experience and visually appealing outcomes for your projects. We combine personal knowledge and industry best practices to ensure top-notch results.
  • Idea validation & shorter time to market

    Our UI/UX design services are here to help you transform your ideas into brilliant projects. We aim to bring your vision to life, guiding you through turning your ideas into concepts. To ensure success, we launch quick product MVPs to validate market response and ensure the final version meets all targets.
  • Dedicated partner, not just a vendor

    As a team specializing in UI and UX design services, we are motivated to provide your end-users with an impressive solution. We offer transparent estimates and timelines, recognizing that strong communication is essential for the success of your project.
  • Scalable design solutions

    Rely on our user experience design services to establish a strong foundation for your product's growth by carefully choosing frameworks, information architecture, and interface components. It enables your product design to adapt to changing market conditions and accommodate new features.
  • UX design based on business needs

    Chudovo's design solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs and industry. By providing high-quality user experience design services, your company can enhance brand visibility, foster meaningful connections with your target audience, and boost revenue.
  • Focus on sustainability

    With more than 15 years of experience, we have developed solutions for various sectors and industries. Our expertise lies in utilizing design to evoke sustainable thinking and promote conscious living among users.

UI/UX Design Company

We provide customized, results-oriented, visually attractive UI and UX designs to enhance your business's return on investment. Our comprehensive range of services includes strategy development, design implementation, testing, deployment, and ongoing support:

UI and UX Consulting

Analyzing business personas and creating ready-made solutions that smoothly integrate iOS and Android apps with intelligent and flexible UI/UX designs. We assist you in prioritizing user needs and viewing your product or service from their perspective. By researching user requirements and designing the product, experience design minimizes the risk of solving the wrong problems for the wrong audience. It places users at the center of your business.

Web Design and Development

Our expertise is crafting interactive, visually appealing designs that provide value and enhance user interaction. Our team of web designers is dedicated to creating powerful web designs that deliver a seamless experience for users. We prioritize understanding your business requirements to ensure your website nurtures leads and drives conversions. Rest assured, we will only begin working on your project once we have a thorough understanding of your needs.

Mobile Design and Development

Our UI/UX design company specializes in creating visually appealing graphic designs for mobile apps. We aim to enhance business reach and establish an instant connection with the user base by integrating a widely used and easy-to-access online window. Our team conducts extensive UI/UX research to ensure your upcoming app's user experience and interface design exceed user expectations.

Visual Design

Design visually appealing templates that align with the client's business needs, offering agile, scalable, and risk-free solutions to accommodate changing business demands. Our team specializes in building clutter-free, fast-loading, fluid, and responsive websites that enable brands to thrive and grow their business.

Interaction Design

Our designs prioritize the user, aiming to create an immediate connection with consumers. Through our robust UI and UX design services, we leverage the foundations of mobile interfaces. User experience is paramount to us, as we understand the significance of creating a product that captivates users. Our experienced designers consider users' needs and concerns while executing your ideas. With over 15 years of experience, we adhere to design standards and strive to provide a seamless user experience.

UI Testing

Chudovo, a UI/UX development company, specializes in creating sanitized codes compatible with clients' platforms. Our focus is on enhancing business possibilities. By conducting usability testing, we gather insights into user preferences and dislikes based on their interactions with the app. This testing is integral to our UX design services, guaranteeing that your product is user-friendly and meets their expectations.

UI/UX design audit

We conduct a thorough UI/UX audit to provide recommendations for design changes that can help you achieve your desired results. Our assistance allows you to make significant changes to the design and interface of your outdated projects while keeping the backend intact, if necessary.

Our UX/UI Process


The primary purpose of any software development or design process is to assist end-users in resolving their issues. UI/UX designers possess the expertise to identify and investigate user requirements to create the most effective design solutions. These professionals possess in-depth knowledge of potential development errors and have analyzed numerous software solutions to refine their design practices. By conducting comprehensive market research, an interface consultant can assist in identifying the optimal digital design, which offers a multitude of advantages:


In a saturated market filled with similar digital products, providing users with a simple and convenient option is crucial. UI/UX design can transform your idea into software users prefer.


Identifying unnecessary design elements and optimizing them early on is key. It will make your mobile app lighter and improve its performance on user devices.


When users love your app, it leads to more downloads, shares, and in-app purchases. These digital resources directly translate into higher profits and more monetization opportunities. Investing in an interface consultant can help refine your design and provide the ultimate user experience.


Using wireframing in UI/UX design can save up to 50-60% of your product investment. UI/UX services ensure that your project requirements are clearly defined, reducing the need for future redevelopment.


Your application will attract the specific audience for which it is designed. UI/UX allows you to understand the needs and preferences of each user group, enabling you to turn potential customers into loyal ones. It ultimately boosts the profitability of your business.


UI/UX specialists incorporate best practices to seamlessly integrate your branding into the design of your digital resources. They ensure consistency with your corporate style, combining your logo, corporate colors, and other style guide elements with a smooth user experience and interface design.


A winning UI/UX design offers compelling content and user-friendly navigation, resulting in more satisfied customers. Happy customers become brand advocates and are more likely to recommend your app to others, leading to further growth in your customer base.


A well-developed UI/UX keeps users engaged on your website. If your web or mobile app is thoughtfully designed and provides an incredible customer experience, users are likelier to achieve their goals and become valuable customers.
What is UI design? Answer
The UI, or user interface, is where users interact with a website or application. The UI design process involves designing the appearance and behavior of these interfaces. UI services include interactivity, visual design, and information architecture.
What is UX design? Answer
UX refers to the user experience, encompassing how individuals interact with and perceive an app or website. User experience design services aid companies in creating digital products that are user-friendly, enjoyable to engage with, and capable of delivering an impeccable customer experience.
Why UX Services Are Important? Answer

Our team provides user experience design services that can bring your ideas to life using the latest tools and technologies, all within the agreed-upon deadlines. UX design is vital in making your product appealing to users and meeting their needs to ensure a positive experience. By prioritizing understanding your user's needs, we help you build brand loyalty and keep customers engaged with your services and products. In today's competitive landscape, companies across different industries are striving to create personalized approaches and offers to satisfy their customers.

At Chudovo, we leverage the latest tools and tech solutions to achieve this goal. Our experienced designers create clear and user-friendly software that guides users through their journey on your website or app. By focusing on meaningful UX design, we contribute to the success of your business and provide advantages for both your company and your users.
How UI Services Can Help Your Product? Answer
Chudovo specializes in providing UI services for companies looking to convert website and app visitors into potential buyers. Our UI expertise enhances user interactions, making software more responsive, efficient, and accessible. With over a decade of experience, our team of designers can help companies create visually appealing products with unique and recognizable features. We incorporate high-quality graphics, engaging animations, and smooth transitions. We prefer simple and clear UI elements that are original and captivating to users. We ensure the interface is clear and intuitive, allowing for natural interaction. While UX helps users achieve their goals, UI connects the user and the service provider. Our UI designers prioritize building strong brand awareness to enhance customer satisfaction, improve user interaction, and drive business growth.
How UX design services can help your product? Answer
By incorporating excellent UX design, your product will distinguish itself from numerous competitors. UX design effectively connects with users on an emotional level, fostering loyalty. Moreover, UX design enhances your SEO ranking, making your product more visible to a larger audience.
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